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  • Gregory Gregory Jul 23, 2010 1:30 PM Flag

    IS this guy nuts?

    i offered this guy Rios for Halladay, he said no, his OF is terrible and he also has Wainwright if he gave up Halladay, and his staff overall is pretty nice. So i offer him Tulo and Torri Hunter for Wainwright, he says no. He counter offers with this, he wants Kemp, Weaver, Haren for his A. Soriano, M. Ramirez, jay bruce, Marcum, Hamels. Is he serious with that lol.

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    • .•º·ÜÑÇ Łø√ê™·.•º·. .•º·ÜÑÇ Łø√ê™·.•º·. Jul 23, 2010 4:47 PM Flag

      Yea, i'm in a public league where everyone but last place has double digit player adds..but there's that stigma about public leagues..and i join them to make the leaderboard, that's all...anything less than 100pts in a roto league is a big disappointment........and there are a couple people around here that think winning h2h is harder than winning a roto league...perhaps an encounter would change their minds

    • ive supported the trade offer to enough, read the prior posts, i dont need to post our entire teams to show that the trade wouldve benefitted both of our teams, you sound like an idiot and you are only insulting yourself in doing so. He has three ace pitchers that i posted and an absolutely terrible OF.

    • It's way more than that Chef... And It doesn't really matter public to private leagues to me... It is why I join a ton of them, so I can at least hit on a few that are good leagues

    • James you overvalue Halladay and undervalue Rios, not too many 5 category players in the game putting up Rios type numbers. Halladay isnt the best pitcher in baseball.

    • NO you didn't I dont' want ranks and you gave 3 SP's that he had including Halladay, and I hope that he's got more than that... where are your stats, past history, second half performance history, what the team schedules are like, what do those rosters look like... you don't have any of that and until you do stop insulting people because you don't prove any opinion you have. You like to argue but you don't support any of it.

    • i already posted that , not doing it again.

    • Show me stats, what is his OF and who are his SP, what is your OF and who are your SP's... put it here in writing.

    • You can't be sure his team would have gotten better. That is your projection, and past statistics are no guarantee of future results. Your opponent is likely to place more weight in the 6+ yr body of statistics on Rios than the 3+ month body of statistics. He must just disagree with you on the likelihood of Rios continuing to post these statistics. Halladay and Wainwright are much surer bets to post great stats than Rios is. Your best bet might be to hang on to Rios cuz you'll get more production from him than anyone will give you for him.

      And you might want to stop telling everyone else that they don't know anything about baseball. Baseball and fantasy baseball are two different things. Also you might want to stop insulting people's careers or activities. Different career choices do not make one person superior to another.

    • Stephen ive already proved that lol, see the prior posts, read the whole thread if you want proof, look at the teams needs.

    • .•º·ÜÑÇ Łø√ê™·.•º·. .•º·ÜÑÇ Łø√ê™·.•º·. Jul 23, 2010 4:21 PM Flag

      I guess his opinion of active is different from everyone else's....probably one thing that bugs me is people that join a private league thinking they are miles ahead of everyone else..I do both leagues and people will try having a problem w/ it and it looks ridiculous by the way....different things get people going i guess...Gregory saying his leagues are active is worth a riot i guess....

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