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  • Jasper Jasper Jul 23, 2010 8:37 AM Flag

    Pitching: who to drop, if anyone?

    I have a pretty decent pitching staff, but there are some guys on the FA market I'd like to roll the dice with, especially in the near future.

    I'm thinking about picking up Travis Wood and/or Madison Bumgarner.

    My currect staff consists of

    Josh Johnson (not going anywhere)
    Ricky Romero (....)
    Max Scherzer (was on the block but has earned another start with his last outing)
    Edinson Volquez (....)
    J.A. Happ (he starts on Sunday.. will await results)
    Cole Hamels (not going anywhere, unless in a trade)

    Heath Bell
    Leo Nunez
    Chris Perez.

    All three of my closers are not going right now, especially Bell and Nunez.

    Do you guys think I should roll the dice on Wood/Bumgarner over any of the other guys? I carry one pitcher less than I'd like to, but my offense I'd like to keep in tact. (I carry 5 OF'ers, Ethier, Rasmus, BJ Upton, CarGo and Pagan, BJ I just picked up for SB, Rasmus is slumping but I'm hoping for a revival soon, the rest is not going anywhere).


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    • Based on the way you are talking I'm assumming this league isn't too active and in other words you can await the results of Haap?

      Personally I would roster Bumgardner over Haap myself. With those 5 OFers though, if you can't play all 5, I would look into dealing one in a package deal to upgrade somewhere else.

      Scherzer has been a beast since being recalled, don't put him on your short leash, he should have a leash longer than just 1 bad start before you begin to think that.

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      • Yeah, you read that perfectly, the league has been pretty dead (4 or 5 guys haven't checked in since May), but there are a couple others (including myself) who are trying to keep it fun. I could easily await Happ, probably. But I was just curious if there was an obvious choice here I was missing.

        Scherzer is not necessarily on my shortlist (he's been amazing so far), but if he runs into another wall, I might have to check him out.

        I agree on the OF'ers. I replaced Boesch with BJ yesterday (cuz I need steals and Boesch is in a HUGE slump.. not that BJ is hitting any better, but at least he's stealing bases), but if he doesn't continue the SB-trend, he'll be gone and I'll stick with the 4 OF'ers I have. I tried packaging several of my OF'ers in several deal, but there are really no other areas I'd like to upgrade my team. Rasmus needs to pick it up though.

        Anyway, thanks, solid advice!


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