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  • mauricio b mauricio b Jul 22, 2010 5:19 PM Flag

    Should I trade Justin Verlander for Matt Holliday?

    My SP are C. Lee, G. Floyd, Z. Greinke, E. Santana, F. Liriano, M. Scherzer, E. Volquez and J. Verlander.. I'm strong in that area

    So, I'm thinking in trade Verlander for Holliday, my OF are V. Wells, A. Huff, C. Crisp and Manny who is rigt now on DL (for third time this year) I also have a M. LaPorta who plays 1B and the OF... So? What do you think about it? Should I trade him?

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    • Clearly you are not aware of the greatness that is Coco Crisp. I can 90% guarantee 50% of the time that by seasons end he will win the Silver Slugger, maybe. Although Holliday is an option I say think outside the box. Trade Verlander for this year's obvious Cy Young winner, Todd Wellermeyer. Than you can package Wellermeyer and Liriano for Manny Mota, circa 1974. Then you areon your way to winning the Time Travelers Baseball Fantasy League. What's that? Is that Huff and Volquez for Bill the Spaceman Lee and Keith Hernandez. Soon you can Billy Martin at second and so forth... To answer your question I guess i am saying Matt Holliday?Why him? You have the inevitable Career Home Run leader in Huff and a real shot at winning the 1958 race.......... C'mon man, think........

    • definitley

    • I think it would help you to get Holliday.


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