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  • Yanks Yanks Jul 20, 2010 3:55 PM Flag

    All this hate for Mark Reynolds

    There are 5 categories in your standard league. Reynolds is well above average in 3 of these cats(Runs, HR, RBI's) is average in SB and is obviously below average in Batting Average. He is still a valuable commodity in fantasy sports though.

    Many players are terrible in at least one of the cats. Many power hitters get absolutely no SB which kills your SB stat, but people dont cry about it. I think by years end Reynolds will have a .235 average with 100 runs 40 homers 100 rbis and 8 SB. I will take that on my team.

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    • The K's kill Mark Reynolds in my league. I just checked the League Leader board - he's #13, right ahead of "Chase Headley" and below "Casey McGehee."

      Take away the K's and he's in the top 10, maybe top 7.

    • Mark Reynolds sucks. He is WELL BELOW average in BA and not so hot in steals. His RBIs and runs are nothing spectacular.

      Right now...the remarkable Mark Reynolds ranks below such fantasy all-stars as:

      Kelly Johnson
      Dan Uggla
      Angel Pagan
      Drew Stubbs
      Scott Rolen

      That is NOT a ringing endorsement for Mr. Reynolds. Hell...he is one spot ahead of Scott Podsednik. This is good? This deserves a draft in the first 5 rounds? No and no.

    • Amen brother ive been saying this too for a while now- Only about 10% of folks on here know that ba avg is the least important stat in h2h anyways as it fluctuates so much from week in too week out and you can always sit him towards end of week if power cats are cool and avg is close- Bottomline there just arent that many smart people on these brds anymore- The intelligence levels has dropped significantly since last yr; now everybody wants to have cat fights like a buncha lil girls

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      • Delmon young is an OF son we are talking about 3b - of;ers are a dime a dozen i dont think you or dick weak should be comparing the 2 positions if you wanna have an intelligent convo///

      • What are you talking about? It's not the bad BA that kills you in H2H its the inconsistency. The guy will go 0-4 several times a week and can lose you BA all by himself sometimes. You can never count on steady production so you sit him and he hits 2 HRs that night. It's such a headache! I'd rather have a guy like Delmon Young who's going to produce about the same number of runs, while providing much more consistent production.

    • I had him for 2 months and hated it. I mean HATED it. We count Ks and I basically lost Ks and BA every week solely because of him. It was the same with Bautista. I can make up for Cabrera's lack of steals by a few guys who get steals, but I'd need a bunch of BA studs to make up for Reynolds. It's way easier to find a guy who will get consistent steals than a guy who will consistently help you in BA.

    • i traded Reynolds for Youkilis straight up and havent looked back. No regrets. batting average is the worst cat to suck at.. cause it brings down the overall average of the rest of your team.. if you dont get any runs, HR's, RBI or SB's it doesnt bring down your other players' at all.. thats how i see it. in my league we have hits included in the batting category.. and he was killing me.

    • 5 cat leagues you can live with him just fine. I think a lot of us plays in leagues that have more cats - where K's counts... it hurts... a lot...

      But I agree with you, it wasn't like you didn't expect this when you drafted him.. so I agree, people can't complain when he is doing exactly what everyone though he would do.

    • I traded him because of the avg and I am regretting it. Players hitting for avg is the hardest category to predict. I think if you can be solid in 3 cats, bad in 1 and average in the last cat you have a decent player. Basically I regret giving up Reynolds (and Dunn).

    • Amen, I agree with you. I have him on my team and will never trade him unless i get a great offer. Mark Reynolds is a great fantasy player, how about that triple last night.


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