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  • Keith Keith Jul 8, 2010 5:00 AM Flag

    VETO or NOT

    Please stay in Cleveland

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    • answer my post and i'll max deal right here in CLE

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      • its probably doable, depending on your value of beltran. it wont be vetoed in my opinion.

        also, again i will say that even as a heat fan, i would rather see him go somewhere else. As long as Beasley gets the f**k out my state, I'm ok with how FA has gone.

        wow! I was trying for like 15 minutes to post this answer! Unbelievably annoying how this website refused to allow me to post anything anywhere!

      • I would say a veto wouldn't be out of line, though itI might let it through...might.

        First let me say I am assuming that you mean Tim Hudson

        I think that whoever gets the Zimmerman and Hudson side is getting the better deal. They have both been good/great this year and have avoided the DL plus Beltran is a nice pickup as he has potential to be great (or horrible).

        The other side of the deal seems to be getting injury cast offs. While Cruz had a hot start he hasn't been the same since coming off the DL. Mark Reynolds is dinged up and I don't trust him to be himself the rest of the way. And Lidge has been shown to be injury prone plus the Phils have Masdon as a viable alternative if Lidge gets dinged up or has a bad stretch.

        Ok I will be watching tonight. You better sign with Cleveland. I am also from Akron originally so you better stick around.

        In addition to signing with Cleveland any thought on my thread? (you don't have to answer all questions, if you only want to answer some, go for it)


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