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  • Miguel Miguel Jul 5, 2010 12:54 PM Flag

    5 players on DL

    my season is done? or still have a chance?

    Utley,Pedroia,Choo, Buchholz and De La Rosa are on the DL

    here's my team now...

    SS-Barmes (i had Drew but he's injured too)

    P-Lester,Weaver,Hughes,Hanson,Dickey,Matsuzaka,CJ Wilson

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    • thank you all for the suggestions....someone else?

    • I lost Roberts, Utley, Polanco, Tulowinski. De La Rosa, Morales, and Jimmy Rollins for a long time. Now I have Ian Stewart & what do you know, he gets injured. I'm hanging with the pack though. Towards the bottom but steady. I think you have a shot.

    • Don't give up hope. I had 5 guys on the DL last year and made it to the semi finals. Be patient and get rid of a couple guys. You might pick up someone who gets hot or becomes a surprise. That's what happened to me.

    • Drop Choo. He probably will not be back this season and you can easily find a replacement OF.

      Trade Utley or Pedroia. You can't hold on to both. Both will return but you need a 2B now. If it were me...I would trade Utley...Pedroia is having a better season.

      Hold on to Buchholz and drop De La Rosa. De La Rosa should have been dropped a long time ago. He is eating up your roster space and he is easily replaceable. Buchholz is only going to have one start pushed back and it is not that easy to replace a pitcher of his caliber on a team as good as the Red Sox.

      For the life of me I can't figure out why you couldn't think of this on your own or why as an "active" manager you would have 5 DL players on your roster (unless you have 5 DL spots in your league).

    • thank you guys..anyone else?

    • You still have a chance. De La Rosa is going to be off the DL soon and Buchholz can get off the DL the around the same time. The only thing you should be concerned with is whether or not Choo will need surgery and finding a person to play 2B.

    • What type of league r u in? If it's a h2h points league I think I would just abandon hope for ur offense until players come back and concentrate on picking up pitchers with good matchups everyday to get as many points as u can. Otherwise, I don't see that there is much u can do. If it's a one year league it might be time to just drop some of those guys or try and trade then for replacements. Dela rosa can be dropped. Utley MIGHT come back in time for ur playoffs. So someone might be willing to trade something for him. U got pedroia so u don't need utley. Make some trades and replace what u can.

    • please help..


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