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  • Packerbacker Packerbacker Jul 5, 2010 11:48 AM Flag

    mlb allstar rules

    i was listening to the yanks game and they were saying that the new rule is if you pitch sun you cant pitch in the allstar game, the only one i see affected is sabathia.

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    • Right, because it's ok that a part time player who's hitting .309 with no power, no speed and just nine walks made it over one of the best hitters in the National League.

      You do realize that Joey Votto is leading the NL in OPS, right? Infante's OPS is in danger of dropping below .700. And Votto's tied for second in the NL in home runs with 19. Infante has one. And Votto's got 57 RBI to Infante's 22. Heck, Votto even has more stolen bases than Infante.

      If you're really ok with Omar Infante over Joey Votto (and Carlos Gonzalez and Ryan Zimmerman), you truly aren't a real baseball fan. That's the only thing I can come up with that would make it so easy for you to be ok with this.

    • Sometimes people forget that this is an entertainment business, and the all star game is fantastic entertainment. While their are flaws with the player selection method, it gets the people in the game who the fans want to see. As a mid market fan I accept that I will see too many Yankees and Red Sox but I am Ok with that.

      Should it decide home field in the world series? Why the hell not, what is a better way, overall records of the teams? That is just as flawed due to League and division strengths being different from team to team. (plus the people complaining might just be NL fan, just win if you want home field so badly).

      Is the all star game flawed in ways? Yes. Does the amount of fun and entertainment it brings outweigh those flaws? Yes.

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      • Even the "entertainment" argument doesn't hold water.

        Are you seriously satisfied with being entertained by Omar Infante over Joey Votto?

        And you've got to be kidding about ASG outcome vs. best record. Sure, best record isn't a perfect way to award WS HFA, but it's a lot better than the outcome of a game in which the rosters are built by fickle fans and Little League rules.

        Does the amount of fun and entertainment outweigh the ridiculous snubs and the "every team gets a rep" BS? Usually. But why are we basing HFA in the World Series off an exhibition game that's about fun and entertainment?

    • all star game is a jokeeee.. when its no longer a popularity contest and the players who have the best stats start playing in it then maybe ill consider paying attention to it again.

    • I agree that the all star game is a farce and could care less. All that matters to me is that my players not get injured during it.

    • Who cares? The All Star Game is a joke.


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