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    Today's interesting facts #3

    All stats end with games started on June 22, 2010

    Corey Hart owners: Sell now! In 2007-2009, Corey hart has 35 HRs before the All-Star Break, and just 21 after. Before the break, his career average is .279 against .263 after the break. Also, he has 185 career RBIs before the break, against just 128 after it. June is by far his best month with 26 career home runs and 85 RBIs. Did I mention that he's just 6 home runs away from matching his carrer high? I think we have found the NL's Jose Bautista. (add all stats after June 20)

    Jason Bay is on pace for 10 home runs and 69 RBIs. He is also on a pace for 24 stolen bases, 3 more than his career high of 21 on 2005

    Julio Borbon is 1 for 4 in SB attempts this month. He is hitting .380 in that span, with 1 HR, 9 RBIs and 10 Runs this as well.

    Buster Posey ishitting .175 in his last 10 games. He has 1 HR, 3 RBIs, and 4 Runs in that span.

    Carl Crawford has more HRs AND RBIs than Jason Bay. Crawford has struck out twice in his last 10 games.

    Clay Bucholz is worth waaaaay more than $443,000.

    I bet no one guessesd that Adrian Beltre would be fourth in the batting title race at this point in the season. Did you know he's only four points out of second?

    The NL leader in RBIs is over 25% available. Guess who:......................Troy Glaus

    Is Wandy Rodreguiez worrying too much about his hitting? He is hitting .261 so far this season.

    Manuel Corpas had 19 saves for the Rockies in 2007.

    Is Dustin Pedroia goint to have to tell the security guard to "Ask Jeff ******* Francis who the **** I am" again? In case you never heard that story, here it is. Whe Pedroia went to Coors Field for the '07 World Series, the security guard asked to see his player ID. The guard thought that it was fake because Pedroia was a) unknown outside of Boston for the most part, and b) because he is so small. So when the guard asked him if the card was fake, Pedroia responded with "You don't know who I am? You don't know who I am? Ask Jeff ******* Francis who the **** I am. I'm the guy who hit a bomb and just ended their **** season!" The bomb is referring to the home run he hit over the Green Monster in his first at bat in the World Series.

    Bengie was born in a different town from where Jose and Yadier were born.

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