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  • weeman24 weeman24 Jun 22, 2010 7:20 PM Flag

    I will answer your question if you answer mine

    i offered this trade and it was excepted...i'm starting to think i could have got better. i gave mauer i got votto....i just picked up montero from FA last week and Glaus is my 1B....did i or is it a good trade?

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    • Please first answer mine, than I will reciprocate.

    • i'm not fimilar with keeper leagues but it seems to me the main attraction is getting to keep rasmus for $1 when his value will probably be $20-$25. It depends on how hill is for the rest of the season... could you find out who he wants most and trade for rasmus straight? or maybe she??

    • No I like that deal. You have gotten not much fall of in C (assuming montero plays well.), at least season, because I do not see Mauer going on a tear to finish the season. And a much better player in Votto at 1st. While Glaus is doing well, I am not sure that will hold up. plus I assume you can move either Glaus or Votto to Utl. I like that deal for you and think you did fine.

      Thanks for answering mine as well. The deal is pretty much set as it is, We have wrangled for a while on what each team would need to make this work, he offered, I am considering.


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