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  • Keith Keith Jun 22, 2010 6:10 PM Flag

    I will answer your question if you answer mine

    H2H 9 Keeps Auction Keeper,
    The value next to the players name is their cost to keep next season

    I give:
    Victor Martinez ($23), B.J. Upton ($16), Jonathan Papelbon ($15)
    I get:
    Colby Rasmus ($1), Aaron Hill ($19), Alfredo Simon

    I am still in contention (2nd in my league), Carlos Santana is my backup Catcher. I have 3 other closers, I like to have 4. I did not plan to keep either V-mart, maybe Papelbon probably Upton. If the trade goes through I will definitely keep Rasmus and might keep Hill (depending on the rest of his season), no chance I keep Simon.

    Am I giving up too much? Am I shooting myself in the foot this season?

    Post your question here or tell me to the right thread and I will find it. I am not an expert, but have played fantasy baseball for a while, and will be happy to give you my opinion.

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    • Dont take trade
      I need three players for pujols one pitcher and two outfielders Thanks

    • K I am checking out.

    • That's a tough one. I've never done an auction league, and even though I understand the principles, obviously I cannot claim to be an expert on the topic or anything.

      I think we all realize that in terms of straight talent, you would be losing this deal. And it becomes even tougher when you're in contention like you are since while you want to improve for next year, you also don't want to sacrifice your shot this year since you're not guaranteed a shot next year.

      That said, Rasmus for $1 in a keeper is a fantastic bargain as he's likely to keep improving given his pedigree and lineup protection. And while $19 isn't cheap, it's not a bad price for a 2B who should put up at least .270, 25 HR, 90 RBI and 90 R next year with the upside for me. Add in the fact that you have a seemingly capable (though unproven) replacement for V-Mart and it starts to look better.

      I guess the deciding factor for me would depend heavily upon what you expect the other owners in your league to do at the end of the year. If the best players available in next year's auction are only going to be middle-of-the-road options, I'd say hang on to what you have. But if you have a feeling that some upper-level expensive talent might be available, then I say make this trade and then obviously use the extra cap space to draft that upper level player. Granted, this takes a lot of speculation on your part, but if you have an idea what others will do, it will give you a huge edge.

      I was wondering if you could help me out too. I've been offered Reynolds and Kemp for my Hamilton, M Young, and Posada. 8 team 5x5 roto league. I'd replace Posada with Posey. I was wondering if this would be worth it. And I've been contemplating expanding the deal to become Hamilton/Young/Posada/Price for Reynolds/Kemp/T Hanson. Would that be a better deal for me than the aforementioned one?

      And finally, GO TRIBE!!!

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      • K here goes:

        Deal as it stands. No

        I wouldn't even do this if they dropped Posada from the deal. I would like to keep Hamilton and Young over Reynolds (who I have never been sold on) and Kemp. This is the time of year when you stop expecting people to snap out of it and play to their potentional, maybe it is just a down year, that said I would take the better stats currently than the maybe better stats in the future when your two have already proved they can do it this year. That said I might put Posey in for Posada anyway.

        Deal as modified. Maybe

        This brings it closer to fair, still your call, and depends on how badly you need SP and K's and what not. I wouldn't be sure how to answer this question without knowing more about how your hitting and pitching stats are going, but this might be worth looking at.

      • Is this a keeper league? Either way give me a minute or two to answer because I want to give a fellow tribe fan the best possible answer.

        For what it is worth on what the other managers will do i am not sure. 2 things the league is likely to expand from 12 teams to 14 teams (which means less talent to go around) but also extra money from one year can be used in the next, aka if I save boatloads of money next year the following year when players either become more expensive or get released to free agency, I can clean up.

    • i offered this trade and it was excepted...i'm starting to think i could have got better. i gave mauer i got votto....i just picked up montero from FA last week and Glaus is my 1B....did i or is it a good trade?

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      • No I like that deal. You have gotten not much fall of in C (assuming montero plays well.), at least season, because I do not see Mauer going on a tear to finish the season. And a much better player in Votto at 1st. While Glaus is doing well, I am not sure that will hold up. plus I assume you can move either Glaus or Votto to Utl. I like that deal for you and think you did fine.

        Thanks for answering mine as well. The deal is pretty much set as it is, We have wrangled for a while on what each team would need to make this work, he offered, I am considering.

      • i'm not fimilar with keeper leagues but it seems to me the main attraction is getting to keep rasmus for $1 when his value will probably be $20-$25. It depends on how hill is for the rest of the season... could you find out who he wants most and trade for rasmus straight? or maybe she??

      • Please first answer mine, than I will reciprocate.

    • Give this another bump. I want all the input I can on this thing.

    • keep your players... i gotta big trade wat u thinkj?

      i give miguel cabrera n magglio ordonez n he gives josh hamilton n ryan howard?

    • No I wouldn't do it you are in 2nd you need them.
      I get: Heyward Felix H Uggla
      I give: Utley Romero Polonco

      do I win??????

    • Anyone else?

    • i actually like this deal...you are giving way too much but doesn't that leave you with lots of money to hold on to other people? you have to keep santana and rid yourself of vmart...papelbon seems too expensive and if you stay on top of your shit then you can find cheap closers for next year that will put up similar numbers. (i like to have 4 closers as well if you arent in a points league) rasmus is a steal at $1...aaron hill was statistically the best 2b in the league last year and he has tremendous power at the 2b position. my only concern is upton..he has nowhere to go but up. simon won't be the closer next year...hell he might not even end the season as the closer. hernandez might take it back...or gonzo when he comes off the dl. street will be cheap next year since he was on the dl all this year...save ur money...take the deal or try to do better than simon..

    • I like getting Hill.. and papelbon will probably not be in Boston anymore which hurts his value in keeper leagues.. can yon get something better than Simon?Who should I start

      ok, my question: Who should I start tonight??
      C: Santana or Posada
      INField:mcgehee,andrus or uribe (pick 2)
      OF and UTL: Bay, Abreu, Ludwick, Santana, Berkman, Kemp, Santana, Huff (pick 4)

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      • that's easy...posada is facing haren and is having troubles..
        santana is facing moyer...start santana

        uribe is batting over .500 against oswalt...start him and andrus

        bay is facing verlander and is 0-3 lifetime but he's a fastball hitter and he's due...start him
        berkman is facing lincecum..eeeesh
        kemp is facing ervin santana...start him
        ludwick is facing bret cecil...start him
        abreu is facing kershaw..lefty left matchup
        santana is facing moyer...start him
        not a huge huff fan...

      • C: Santana (better match-up)
        IF: Andrews & Uribe
        OF: Bay, Huff, Abreu, Kemp (maybe don't start one of the 4 for Ludwick) your call, close call.

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