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  • Michael Michael Jun 11, 2010 12:40 AM Flag

    Rookie Manager needs trade advice

    I contribute to this board on a semi-regular basis, I believe I have a pretty good knowledge of baseball, but I don't have a lot of experence doing trades. I'm looking for some advice in offering a fair one. I think I blew one already this season, and I don't want to do it again. I'm trying to pick up a little more offence. This guy is one of the only people in the league who isn't afraid to trade. I'd like to put in for Casey Mcgehee or Morneau. My team is listed first.

    Is Mauer and Zobrist too much for Mcgehee or not enough? Should I throw David Ortiz in because he could use him?

    He offered me a trade, Napoli/Markakis for Mauer/Gardner
    Joe Mauer, Miguel Montero (C)
    Mark Teixeira
    Ben Zobrist
    Ian Stewart
    Yunel Escobar
    Howie Kendrick José López(MI)
    Michael Cuddyer David Ortiz (CI)
    OF:Jason Heyward, Carlos González, Justin Upton, Jayson Werth, Brett Gardner, Colby Rasmus

    Yovani Gallardo, Ricky Romero, Jaime García, Matt Cain, Adam Wainwright, Doug Fister, Jorge De La Rosa

    Relief: Mariano Rivera, Ryan Franklin, Brian Fuentes
    His Team:
    Miggs C/Morueau (1b)
    Casey McGehee (2b)
    Zimmerman (3b)
    Alexei. Ramirez
    Kelly Johnson/Steven Drew (MI)
    OF: Rios, Braun, Willingham, Quentin, Coghlan, Marakis
    DL: Aramis Ramirez, Ellsbury

    Pitching: CC, Haren, J. Johnson, Ervin Santana, Niemann, Greinke.

    Relief: Wagner, Soriano, Corpas

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    • Defiantely don't give up on mauer. He may not be giving the power of last year, but he is still the best catcher and will do better as the season goes. I would offer zobrist for mcghee straight up. This is his break out season and who knows if he will keep it up. Zobrist is really picking it up recently.

    • If you trade on his terms you are getting screwed. Trades are easy, look to the rankings, especially the rank for the last month (not the pre-season or season ranking). McGehee is slumping, has not done much in the last few weeks. Don't trade Mauer for Napoli even. Markakis is a good trade for Gardner unless you need steals. But I'd make him give me Moreneur for Mauer, and if you don't have a back up for catcher to replace Mauer I'm sure you can find a descent one free in your player pool.

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      • thanks for the stat advice. The last couple of you really seem to be up on Mauer. Can I ask what you see in him? I LOVE the twins, and I am a homer. I have Cuddy, and had O-Hudson until he was injured, but I would think Mauer loses some of his value based off of how he's been hitting lately, and that there are a few catchers you can pick up now in the player pool (in general) I'm in a 8 team league and wouldn't have a problem picking one up. Plus I have Miguel Montero, and this might sound silly, but I really like him, so I'm not at all against dumping Mauer. I just don't see it is all :)

    • if you give up Mauer you should get Morneau back. Zorbist is more than enough for Mcgehee. I like Zorbist though hes been hitting well lately I think the power will come.

    • Zobrist and Mauer for McGehee is waaaay too much. You should be able to get McGehee for Zobrist straight up... You should be able to get anybody from his team (except Miguel) if you give Mauer.

    • Wow, that other guy is really trying to rip you off.


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