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  • Wayne Wayne Jun 10, 2010 3:23 PM Flag


    He is not god! He will be a very solid sp! If you are offered a great player like kemp, braun, cano, or any first round pick for him. Take the fucking deal!!!!!!!!! Keeper or non keeper.... Hitting is more valuable than pitching!!!!! He will not be as good as halladay or lincecum. Thanks - :-)

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    • Yeah don't get me wrong, I own Arrieta in 2 of my minor league systems lol... He is a great prospect

    • I agree sadly. Like i said i give him alot of credit for that game. I watched it looking for holes myself and something to complain about. But he did very well with all the spot light. i knew Arietta was pitching but i am an Orioles fan and i've been tracking it for 2 weeks waiting for his call up and if i didn't have to go get a sonogram of my kid yesterday i would of gone watched myself.

    • I totally agree especially since he pitches for the Nationals and has an innings limit.

    • I get that, but they aren't just free swingers dude... And not to mention, Strasburg did what he did with all the hype surrounding him, and pressure like you wouldn't believe... Only baseball purists and Orioles fans even knew Arrieta was pitching last night lol... This isn't even close dude

    • i am so conflicted by this argument..I really want to be on your side but i just can't. I bleed orange. I can talk Orioles baseball with anyone and i am not a fan of the Nationals at all. But Strasburg stats were much better then Arrieta. I agree Arrieta faced a better line up with maybe 5 future HOF members in it and pitched pretty good 3 runs and 4 hits and 6 k's in 6 innings. the 4 walks are typical. Arietta has been battling walks all year but 2 of those walks were intentional which should have its own side stat in box scores. But 14k's 4 hits 2 runs in what 7 innings beats even if it is against the Pirates who i'm sorry Sayne they are one of the worst offensive teams compared to the rest of the clubs stat for stat.Probably only the Orioles and Indians are close to them there. But regardless they are all still major league talent and then Sunday he gets the Indians probably another dominant game for him again.

    • No it wasn't and 6 K's against the Yanks is not better than 14 K's against the Pirates... Stras struck out more in a row than Arrieta did the whole game, and it was the 3rd time around in the order when Stras did that... And by the way, although the Pirates have trouble scoring runs, there are 10 teams in baseball that have more strikeouts so it isn't like they are a free swinging team... Your statement is just ludicrous lol

    • 6ks vs the yankees is much better than 14 agianst the pirates, to hold the yankees to 3/4 runs is better than holding the pirates to 2... Stras had better command(no walks) and Stras is much better but the debut was better for Arrieta

    • shhh, sit down noob, lol, you suck, you are probably a mad dude that is boiling cause he did not get the BEST pitcher in the mayors! Guys don't take nothing for the best pitcher

    • He just got me a win, 14 K's, 2.57 ERA and .57 WHIP and he is staying in my line-up
      But if somebody will offer Utley, Lincecum, or J Upton and the like, I click accept right away

    • It's not about the team he was against (granted it was the Pirates), or how many batters he K'd for that matter. The point is the kid has the intagibles, mixes speeds incredible well (he throws a 99mph fastball by the way, but also can put the brakes on with a changeup that's 68mph), has a DIRTY 12-6 curveball, and spots the ball incredibly well. If you watched his debut, which I'm sure you didn't, then you would know why people are going crazy over the kid. Every hitter looked overmatched except for McCutchen. The HR he gave up was the luckiest HR I've seen in my life. Sounds like you're jealous to me, or just don't know the facts you patriots loving douche.

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