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  • Keith Keith May 24, 2010 10:19 PM Flag

    Butler For Victor Keeper

    K well first before accepting, if you can i would wait to find out what is up with Victors foot. He got pulled from the red sox game tonight after a ball hit it, could be nothing, but maybe not.

    2nd I would say that as a long time Indians fan and victor fan he will run out of steam soon. Catchers only last so long, and Victor ins't getting younger Butler is much younger than Victor. I think he will be fine this season but would not be surprised it he broke down next season or the season after. Additionally the red sox 1st player isn't moving to make room for victor and currently they are also log jammed at DH.

    I guess for the win now, (depending on the foot thing tonight) get Victor. For the medium term (next 2-3 seasons) it could go either way. For the long term, Keep Butler.

    Losing Cole does suck but I think Robinson and the Morris twins will allow us to play faster basketball than we did under Cole and use or depth to wear teams out. So yes there are downsides, but also upsides too. Finally if you could take a look at my, evaluate my team thread I would appreciate it, as no one has answered yet.


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