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    • should i keep J.Guillen or B.Boesch?

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      • 10 man standard settings H2H league. Currently I'm in 8th place. Would appreciate some help to move up in the rankings.

        C - Víctor Martínez
        1B - Kevin Youkilis
        2B - Aaron Hill
        3B - Evan Longoria
        SS- Troy Tulowitzki
        OF-Vernon Wells
        OF - Bobby Abreu
        OF - Álex Ríos
        Util - José Bautista
        BN - Shane Victorino
        BN - Torii Hunter

        SP - Colby Lewis
        SP -Ervin Santana
        RP -Ryan Franklin
        RP - Chad Qualls
        P - Yovani Gallardo
        P - Gio González
        RP - Trevor Hoffman
        BN - Ubaldo Jiménez
        BN -Jaime García
        BN - Anibal Sánchez
        DL - Brad Lidge

        Notable FA - Pena, Manny Ramirez, Carlos Lee, Ludwick, Young.

      • Keep Boesch. We all know what jose can do given a full season and it's Ryan Ludwick numbers. Boesch has potential and plays in a potent Tiger lineup.

      • Boesch is the one to keep. His average is coming back down to earth as we all expected, but he should still be able to provide good pop and get great RBI opportunities with Mags and Cabrera infront of him. We all know what Guillen can do and it isn't much to help your fantasy team...similiar can be had onthe waiver wire.

      • Stick with Boesch. He has upside potential as a rookie whereas we all know what Guillen is capable of every season...which is 25HR, just shy of 100RBI and a .270 average...you can find that on waivers...can you say Ryan Ludwick.

    • Tex and phil hughs for mark rynolds, nick swisher and roy oswalt

      wheres the advantage you think and why?

    • Josh Hamilton or Alex Rodriguez AND Jason Heyward?

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      • I posted this on another thread:

        I get: Utley and D. Ortiz
        I give: Texeira and J. Uribe

        I have Brian Roberts on the DL all year, have Aviles on the bench, I only have Konerko as another 1B bench option. I'm not sure whether to pull the trigger, while I believe it's fair-ish, I already have more 2B options than 1B.

        12 team H2H league, 10 hitting/10 pitching categories. What is your advice?

      • Alex Rodriguez by himself. And you get Heyward to? This trade isn't even fair my friend. Hamilton is having a great season and hit lot of homeruns in the 1st round of the derby a couple years ago, but he is injury prone and OF is a deep position. A-Rod is still a 1st round pick in all fantasy formats and 3rd base has been becoming relatively thin with the recent struggles of AM-RAM, Panda, and Figgins.

      • markakis.figgins/lind/hill/garza all on waivers should i take any?

    • Im in a 12 team Keeper league where we keep 10. And i am being offered Joe Mauer and Adrian Gonzalez for Miguel Cabrera and Matt Wieters. Should i do this? If i got Agone im probably going to trade him for Pedroia.
      Right now my team looks like...
      C- Matt Wieters
      1B- Miguel Cabrera
      2B- Polanco
      3B- Mark Reynolds
      SS- Hanley
      OF- BJ Upton
      OF- Denard Span
      OF- Jason Bay
      UTIL- Adam Jones
      UTIL- Prince Fielder
      UTIL- Jorge Cantu
      bench-Russel Martin Jason Kubel and Aubrey Huff
      SP- Felix Hernandez, Josh Johnson, Carpenter, Sheets, Kazmir, Hudson, Lilly, and Chapman.
      RP- Simon, Rauch, Leo Nunez, and Gregorson.

    • Kinsler or Zobrist?

      Who do you prefer for the rest of the way manning second base for your fantasy squad.

      Categories include - runs, hits, doubles, triples, hr, rbi, steals, bb, avg, obp, slugg, and plate appearances

      so who do you like the rest of the way and why?

      • 3 Replies to ztflateau
      • Give: Casey Mcgahee, Adam Lind, Miguel Olivio, Matt Holiday and Tommy Hanson

        Get: Matt holliday and Yovanni Gallard

        I need an OF upgrade, and the other guy needs a C and 3B. Do it? No? Why?

      • Go with Kinsler.

        Both plate apperances will be similar batting in the 3-hole on great teams. Most of these hitting categories favor power numbers and xtra base hits (2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SLUG). And Kinsler is an extra base hit machine notching 41 doubles in 08 and 32 last season along with 31 HR last season. Kinsler will not hit 31HR, but 20+HR and 35+ double is very nice power to proide at thin 2B position. Add onto it that Kinsler ankle looks much better as he has stolen 3 bags in the last week and should outperform Zobrist here as well. Zobrist is not a power a hitter andhis 27 HR were a fluke he is serviceable as SS, but cannot compete with Kinsler. Zoobs also has gone a month without a SB at one point so he doesnot have elite speed.

      • Kinsler
        Could you check my post?

    • I could use a bat in the outfield or at third, and I'm strong with starting pitching. I'm thinking of dealing David Price while he's at max value. Who should I ask for in return?

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      • Good idea to deal Price. Outfielders to consider who I like to have good years include Adam Dunn, BJ Upton, Curtis Granderson. I don't really like many of the 3B but you could probably land someone like Sandy...or you might find a disgruntle Reynolds owner which would be a good move.

      • Rate my team (1-10): H2H Weekly league (default scoring 5x5)
        C: Santana 1B: Votto 2B: Kendrick 3B: McGehee SS: Hanley
        OF: Abreu, C-Gonzalez, C-Young, Stanton (UTIL)
        Bench: Wigginton, Alex Gonzalez

        SP: CC, Lee, Kershaw, Haren, Oswalt, Zito
        RP: Broxton & Papelbon
        *I have an empty spot since I'll get Haren from a two4one deal, I'm thinking of either getting Clayton Richard or a closer like Axford or Simon. Which should I do? And also, should I trade for Alex Rios or stay put with what I have?

      • 20 team Head to Head... Midseason league and the draft was just completed

        C Carlos Santana

        1B Justin Morneau

        2B Rickie Weeks

        3B Jorge Cantu

        SS Elvis Andrus

        OF Ryan Braun

        OF Andre Ethier

        OF Brad Hawpe

        Util. Juan Rivera

        BN Nyjer Morgan

        BN Ike Davis

        BN Starlin Castro

        BN Lastings Milledge

        Pitching Staff:

        SP Matt Garza

        SP Shaun Marcum

        SP John Danks

        SP Barry Zito

        SP Jason Vargas

        RP Jon Rauch

        RP Matt Lindstrom

        RP Drew Storen

        RP Joaquin Benoit

        SP Wade LeBlanc

        SP Bronson Arroyo

        SP Rodrigo Lopez

        R, HR, RBI, SB, BA

        W, SV, ERA, K, WHIP

        What do you think, will this team compete?

        I'm also trying to deal Nyjer and Hawpe for an OF upgrade, would that be smart?

    • someone dropped sizemore in my league. do you think he will come out of the slump. and i already have a lot of outfielders that i like so i would drop rickie weeks for him since i have casey mcgehee for 2nd base as well

      • 2 Replies to billy
      • He doesn't sound like a good fit for you, but you should look to drop weeks if he is not starting for you.

        Grady Owners Better Get The Gun because he isn't the hitter he use to be. You usually don't see a players power decline in his late 20's but this is the case for Grady and we all know why this is...he is also on a bad team in Cleveland. This being said he can still provide decent fantasy results similar to a beat up alfonso soriano. The days of 30HR potential is gone, but he is still capable of hitting 15-20HR and stealing 20+ Bases. However, his average will hurt you and it is concerning that he is being picked off so much over the last 2 seasons.

    • 10 team h2h league...im doin well, i think i need one more SP...how can i get johan santana?

      my team:
      C Rod Barajas (NYM - C)
      1B Joey Votto (Cin - 1B)
      2B Brandon Phillips (Cin - 2B)
      3B Álex Rodríguez (NYY - 3B)
      SS Troy Tulowitzki (Col - SS)
      OF Shin-Soo Choo (Cle - OF)
      OF Curtis Granderson (NYY - OF)
      OF José Bautista (Tor - 3B,OF)
      Util Magglio Ordóñez (Det - OF)
      Util David Ortiz (Bos - 1B)
      BN Brett Gardner (NYY - OF)
      BN Carlos Lee (Hou - OF)
      BN Carlos Peña (TB - 1B)
      DL Carlos Beltrán (NYM - OF) DL

      SP Jered Weaver (LAA - SP)
      SP Mat Latos (SD - SP)
      RP Rafael Soriano (TB - RP)
      RP Chad Qualls (Ari - RP)
      P Mike Pelfrey (NYM - SP)
      P Neftali Feliz (Tex - RP)
      P Jeff Francis (Col - SP)
      BN Jonathan Sánchez (SF - SP)
      BN Clayton Kershaw (LAD - SP)
      BN Hiroki Kuroda (LAD - SP)
      DL Josh Beckett (Bos - SP) DL

      his team:
      C Buster Posey (SF - C)
      1B Billy Butler (KC - 1B)
      2B Ty Wigginton (Bal - 1B,2B,3B)
      3B Ryan Zimmerman (Was - 3B)
      SS Ben Zobrist (TB - 2B,SS,OF)
      OF Carl Crawford (TB - OF)
      OF Ryan Braun (Mil - OF)
      OF Hunter Pence (Hou - OF)
      Util Howie Kendrick (LAA - 2B)
      Util Corey Hart (Mil - OF)
      BN Mark Reynolds (Ari - 1B,3B)
      BN Scott Podsednik (KC - OF)
      BN Matt Wieters (Bal - C)

      SP Johan Santana (NYM - SP)
      SP Shaun Marcum (Tor - SP,RP)
      RP Brian Wilson (SF - RP)
      RP Francisco Cordero (Cin - RP)
      P Cole Hamels (Phi - SP)
      P Brad Lidge (Phi - RP)
      P Matt Cain (SF - SP)
      BN Jeff Niemann (TB - SP)
      BN Jason Vargas (Sea - SP,RP)
      BN Jhoulys Chacin (Col - SP,RP)
      DL Alfredo Simon (Bal - SP,RP) DL
      DL J.A. Happ (Phi - SP,RP) DL

      • 2 Replies to Steve
      • This doesn't look like a good match. Neither of you have good starting pitching. I would suggest you look for another partner more compatible. That being said you might be able to land him by offering some power like Big Papi and Lil' Lincy - both who have been hot. But don't get your hopes up this isn't a good match.

      • I'm not sure he will accept that trade, but if you can go for it. I like Votto and I'm not a big Butler fan because of his lack of power. However, Santana is a nice upgrade over Kuroda. Japenese pitchers are very inconsistent as evidence by Nomo, Dice K, Wang, ect., which is why I never draft them.

    • Now I know you basically answered this yesterday (except it had CC/Lee involved), but I figured I'd at least come around once more with the new offer, seeing how you've helped me out with so much thus far. It just seems right to come back now lol.

      Anyway, I've been offered Kemp, M Reynolds, and B Posey for my Hamilton, M Young, and Posada.

      The power is tempting, but Reynolds' BA drain as well as Hamilton's recent surge (and Kemp's slide) have me wondering if I should take it or now (SB are not an issue for me so Kemp/Reynolds have less value because of that).

      I'm going to assume your answer is going to be the same as yesterday (a resounding yes) but again, I just felt like I had to come back once more to get a final thought from you.

      Here's my offense at the moment (5x5 roto, 8 team):
      C- Posada
      1B- Butler
      2B- Kendrick
      3B- Zimmerman
      SS- Reyes
      IF- M Young
      OF- Braun, Crawford, Hamilton, J Upton
      UTIL- Rios
      BN- Markakis, Beltre

      • 2 Replies to Ray
      • 8 team h2h my team:

        micheal young


        Who should i drop for garza and or markakis

      • Yes take the trade.

        Hamilton is injury prone and his very low BB/K ratio suggests his average is in for a downward spike. He'll be lucky to finish the year over .300 and he is injury prone. Kemp's power numbers should be marginally lower than Hamilton, but still solid. It is Kemps combination of speed and power that makes him elite. Even if you do not need Kemp's SB or can do without his services you would be able to deal him later on for someone like Fielder, Tex, Tulo...maybe even struggling Ryan Howard as it sounds you need power.

        Reynolds doesn't offer much speed anymore - it was deceptive speed in the past and he does carry a low but those power numbers are off the charts.

        Your power numbers and speed would be untouchable if you made this trade. Yes your average might be a little low, but with all of those All-Stars you could find away to address this issue later on.

    • get

      Vernon Wells
      C.J. Wilson

      I trade.

      Justin Upton
      Ricky Nolasco

      Fair enough? I'd love to have wells with the season he's having!!!

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