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  • Webmonarch Webmonarch May 13, 2010 8:27 AM Flag

    Need Advice on my team...

    No dude. Hanley is right on this one. Don't ask open ended questions unless you want open ended answers. Ask about specific deals you are considering.

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    • Specific details: 1. this is my team
      2. this is what i need
      3. considering that i only need an ace for an expendable player, stats are completely irrelevant... there's no league setting in which i'd give away anyone besides a catcher or shortstop for anyone besides a top-tier ace.

      How is this an open-ended question? There are literally less that 40 possible options, I just want to get some opinions on which ones are best. Now, had I asked "Why do you think Zobrist is slumping?" or "What did you do for you summer vacation?", then you'd be right...


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