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  • Pfist3r Pfist3r May 22, 2010 5:48 PM Flag

    Got questions here to give opinion

    i like that analysis. thank you. i would be getting a in the example. now another trade i have to consider though.
    get- Pujols and Prado
    give- Mig Cabrera and Youk
    In a perfect world I get them both done by finding someone to replace youk in one of the trades.

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    • i like the other trade more for u and in this trade i do not like how much u have to give up for pujols i see miggy prolly the closest to pujols as u can get in fantasy without being pujols and youk is a very good player in his own right dont forget pujols is human and does get into slumps as well esspecially when the cards arnt scoring runs and prado is good but no where near a star like u will be giving up in youk and miggy dont forget ellsburg jus got called up from rehab so that should help youks numbers


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