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    You've got questions, I've got answers

    I will answer in the order recieved. Make sure to include as many details about your league as possible.

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    • OK 8 team league. I really happy with my hitting BUT not so much with my pitching in the long run. So this guy wants Longoria and he offered me Lester. Im think this guy is crazy! But what im thinking is to counter so i would be offering Longoria and asking for Tim Lincecum. Thats fair right? Eye for an Eye! Or I can also counter and offer Youki and ask for Lester in return. Thanx much.

      C Víctor Martínez
      1B Albert Pujols
      2B Casey McGehee
      3B Evan Longoria
      SS Stephen Drew
      CI Pablo Sandoval
      MI Rickie Weeks
      OF Carl Crawford
      OF José Guillén
      OF Carlos González
      Util Chase Headley
      Util Kevin Youkilis
      BN Scott Podsednik
      DL Brian Roberts

      SP Jonathan Sánchez
      SP Cole Hamels
      SP Max Scherzer
      RP David Aardsma
      RP Bobby Jenks
      P Chad Billingsley
      P Tommy Hanson
      BN Javier Vázquez
      BN Matt Cain
      BN Phil Hughes
      BN Brett Anderson
      DL Erik Bedard

    • Carlos Gonzalez for Carp straight up. I know it is an unbalanced trade numbers wise, but my SP looks like this:


      My OF looks like this:


      1st year Keeper League H2H 13x12 and I have to get better in my OF, but will my rotation survive if I let go of Carp and pick up Scherzer out of FA?

    • im in need of a ace pitcher badly idk who to trade away need help
      my Team
      C-russell martin
      1-pena, Garrett jones
      2nd-kendrick, K.Johnson,Utley

      my pitchers are-Lester,Haren,Zito,Slowey,Pavano,Strasberg,Pineiro,

    • want to pick up another SP. Should i grab Aaron Harang or Kevin Millwood?

      or do you have any other suggestions?

    • i have casy mccgee, but also have plenty of "better" guys with the same position eligibility. I want to drop him for either. Pence, Chris Young or maybe even Scott Shields for he's going against Seattle and Oakland. It's a weekly league. I would probably start Shields if I picked him up but not the other two. But who will have a better year, Chris Young or Hunter Pence...thanks, sorry if it's a long question

    • is washburn ever gonna pitch for seattle this year.....been holding him hoping he signs with m's or someone and im aggrivated him taking up a roster spot, will he have any value on 20 team keeper league 7x7......

    • I need a 1B . D. Lee is slumping. Maybe a SS. I have Theriot and A. Gonzales. I do not have other hitters to trade but these are my SPs. Lincecum, F. Hernandez, Romero, Liriano, Huroda, and Matsuzaka. Which of these pitch could I stand to lose with some value to get at least a 2nd tier at either 1B or SS.

    • im out guys ill be back in the near future, until next time.

    • Jose lopez is available and I want to pick him up but don't know who to drop. I got zobrist so I was thinking that one of my shortstops could get the axe., Y. escobar. and O. Cabrera. Or should I just keep those guys and hope for the best.

    • should i do this?

      12 man Keeper normal 5x5 stats, money league

      I get: Tex and Wainwright

      I Give: Choo, Victorino, Verlander

      C Matt Wieters
      1B Ryan Howard
      2B Jose Lopez
      3B Ryan Zimmerman
      SS Troy Tulowitzki
      OF Shin-Soo Choo
      OF Shane Victorino
      OF Carl Crawford
      Util Jay Bruce
      Util Johnny Damon
      BN Chase Headley

      SP Roy Halladay
      SP Gavin Floyd
      SP Cliff Lee
      RP Octavio Dotel
      RP Jon Rauch
      P Justin Verlander
      P Chris Pérez
      BN Brett Myers
      BN Francisco Liriano
      BN Tim Hudson
      BN Joel Piñeiro
      BN Brad Penny

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