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  • weeman24 weeman24 Apr 30, 2010 5:57 AM Flag

    Pitcher drop?

    I'm not ecstatic about any of them my self...what order would you rate them then.
    I have Jiminez Lester and Price(FA pick up aswell) that i'm happy with...but i concentrated on batting in my draft with a plan on picking up FA pitchng...the 4 listed are what i got.

    The free agent list at the mo is
    J Garcia
    C Silva (waivers.)
    Livan Hernandez
    Evan Meek
    De LaRosa (DL)

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    • Jimenez, Lester and Price. Gee - that's worth mentioning. haha I picked up Price as a FA too. Looks like a good move so far. I'd give Garcia a shot if it were me. He's done well and is a Cardinal. Thats always a good thing to be if you are a pitcher. NL much better for SP's too because there is no DH. As I'm writing this I can't see the list so I have to try to remember it. 1) Hughes 2) Ervin then it gets fuzzy. haha Just drop whichever one pisses you off the most.

    • LOL if you are dropping players based on the fan points then you are al ready screwed but with that said I would keep Bucholz for sure no brainer and would flip a coin with who to keep santana and buhrle. Long term you will get a inflated whip and possibly ERA with Santana but probably a few more wins and way more K's "if" he stays healthy and buhrle will get 12-15 wins and sub 4 era and sub 1.25 whip so go based on need.


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