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  • HHH HHH Apr 27, 2010 2:25 PM Flag

    Best Team Ever?

    10 Team H2H...best team ever? What do you think? Any ideas on how to improve a team so great?

    C Joe Mauer
    1B Carlos Peña
    2B Chase Utley
    3B Kevin Youkilis
    SS Derek Jeter
    OF B.J. Upton
    OF Magglio Ordóñez
    OF Curtis Granderson
    Util Adam Dunn
    BN Lance Berkman
    DL Carlos Beltrán

    SP Tim Lincecum
    SP Clayton Kershaw
    RP Chris Pérez
    RP Matt Capps
    P Phil Hughes
    P Roy Oswalt
    P David Price
    BN Wade Davis
    BN Clay Bucholtz
    BN Jake Peavy
    BN Brad Lidge

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    • H2H teams are about balance anyway, I don't need 5 guys hitting 40+ HR's. I'll get plenty out of Miggy, Cano and Lind if everybody else hits 10-20 I'm good. My BA overall will kill you, Runs, SB and the potential for HR/RBI.. not to mention my pitching staff is better outside of Lincecum...

      This isn't even my best team man, point people are trying to make is you don't have the greatest team ever. I drafted for youth and it's an 8x8 team with Hits,K's and BBs on offense, Losses, K/9 and walks on pitching...VERY competitive money league and I'm sitting in 2nd right now, up 14-2 so far this week.

      SaYne made the point already on closers.

    • Ummmm ok

    • Your clueless dude Broxton had 114 K's last year lol... And yeah 60-70 innings can have a big impact on ERA and Whip... And if you think McCutchen and Granderson will be close in average your lost... And For Dunn to TRIPLE Cargo in HR and RBI that would put him at about 60/200... Just stop dude

    • He has been working with Derek Jeter.

    • Here's my comparable LAST place team...

      10 team league
      C Matt Wieters (Bal - C)
      1B Joey Votto (Cin - 1B)
      2B Kelly Johnson (Ari - 2B)
      3B Evan Longoria (TB - 3B)
      SS José Reyes (NYM - SS)
      OF Nelson Cruz (Tex - OF)
      OF Carlos González (Col - OF)
      OF Jason Heyward (Atl - OF)
      Util Prince Fielder (Mil - 1B)
      Util Vernon Wells (Tor - OF)
      BN Chase Headley (SD - 3B,OF)
      BN Jay Bruce (Cin - OF)

      SP Francisco Liriano (Min - SP,RP)
      SP Adam Wainwright (StL - SP)
      RP Trevor Hoffman (Mil - RP)
      RP Bobby Jenks (CWS - RP)
      P Matt Cain (SF - SP)
      P Octavio Dotel (Pit - RP)
      P Dan Haren (Ari - SP)
      P Ted Lilly (ChC - SP)
      BN Jon Lester (Bos - SP)
      BN Stephen Strasburg (Was - SP)
      BN Doug Fister (Sea - SP)
      DL Brad Lidge (Phi - RP)DL

      Point is, our team are close. I'm in last place and your winning you league...You need to up your competition.

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      • Not even close!!!

        Mauer > Wieters
        Pena < Fielder
        Utley > Johnson
        Jeter > Reyes
        Youks < Longo
        Upton > Cruz
        Granders > Heyward
        Dunn > Gonzalez
        Mags < Votto

        You only win 3 positions out of 9

        Lincecum > Heran
        Kershaw > Lester
        Price = Wainwright
        Oswalt = Lilly
        Hughes < Liriano
        Bucholtz < Cain

        Capps = Jenks
        Perez/Wood =< Hoffman
        Lidge = Lidge

        So our pitching is very even, but my hitters really take yours down hardcore style!!! Thats a good team though and you should be competitive by Memorial Day.

    • Just about what he did last year, right? Ranked 98 I think?

    • Clueless!! Granderson has never stolen 30 bases in his career. Why would he steal 30 this year hitting 7th? Just because he's on your team? The projections I gave you are spot on. Your projections are so far from reality its ridiculous.

    • Dude Granderson isn't gonna go 30/30 and won't be close to 100 RBI... What's he batting, 7th?? Yeah just wait until they start sitting him against lefties lol

    • Granderson should be 30-30 player with nearly a 100RBI season in Yankee Stadium. I don't know how that is not Top 15...

      And the point is that I have 4 guys in the Top 25...technically you should only have 3 in the Top 30!!!

    • lol nope

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