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  • SaYne SaYne Apr 14, 2010 11:16 AM Flag

    Too Early To Worry?

    I thought I sensed the IQ average in the forum go down...

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    • Finally people that agree. Funny how SaYne thinks he is a genius when sum1 doesn't agree. Dude's power #s will not be great at season's end. That is an opinion to the question.

      About Gonzo, I know he hit a lot of hrs on the road compared to Petco Park. Thats not the debate, I said you can't expect him to 40+ hrs a year in Petco. If you get him out of that park he will virtually be guaranteed to hit that many.

      2008--108 games, 21hrs, 52 rbis, .254 .BA
      2009--101 games, 22hrs, 58rbis, .223 .BA

      So his whole career he is unlucky with BABIP? Why would you want a player like that, unlucky, ghastly average, injury prone. Horrible start to season this year. That's why people are dropping him.

      You said people dropping Verlander, uhhh they obfiously are rookies. Verlander, is an ace and a high draft pick for a pitcher. Bruce is a late late pick depending on league size.

      We both know about baseball just have differing opinions. I don't you treating me like some rook or delusional dude.

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      • I don't think I'm a genius, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out he can hit 40 because HE DID IT LAST YEAR... You said you didn't think he could hit 40 until he got out of the park and lineup which makes no sense because again... HE DID IT LAST YEAR... And who cares about Bruce's average we are debating HR potential... Considering his career #'s if he plays a full season or even close he will hit 30... I don't care if you agree with me, you bring nothing concrete to your opinions which leads me to believe you are a rook/noob or baseball just isn't for you

      • Bruce is worthless. Bruce is a mini Dunn that will hurt your average worse and won't put up as many homers. He can't touch lefties.

      • Again with the not making sense....Who is finally agreeing? Everyone has disagreed with you....

        Bruce's 162 game average is +30 HR so I think that should be ok as my UT guy.

      • I am a strong supporter of Jay Bruce but i benching him until he produces. I think he has the ability to hit 30 to 40 home runs but he needs to figure out major league pitching. I don't know if he hasn't adjusted to the pitchers but they have sure adjusted to him. I think he will be fine, he is way too talented to fail. His power is there but his batting average is work in progress. He is no Adam Dunn. i would lean more to Adrian Gonzales hitting 30 plus then 40. Just because he didn't once doesn't mean he will always do it. He is a good hitter but he is isn't great and even the best power hitters aren't guaranteed to hit 40 home runs. Just my opinion I don't think Sayne's numbers are far off in his predictions +/- a few


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