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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong Apr 12, 2010 1:15 PM Flag

    Would u care if .....

    Dropping Lee for Helton isn't a bad move. Lee offers more power but Helton offers more consistency. Hell...Helton is a career .320+ hitter and with the exception of his back injury season...hits 15+ HRs a season and bats 3rd in Colorado. Yes...he doesn't play every day...but NOBODY DOES! Things to know about Helton: 1) He does not play day games the day after a night game; 2) He is given virtually every Sunday off. Knowing this in advance and taking Helton is fine. Helton will give you 140 or so games with above average production. Who cares if more people own Adrian Gonzalez because they love the HRs? Who cares if more people own Joey Votto believing his one good season is better than Helton's decade of production? What next? You throw a fit because someone drops Justin Upton for Bobby Abreu? I would take Abreu (and did) every day of the week over Upton.


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