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  • Justin Justin Apr 6, 2010 9:25 AM Flag

    Manny Ramirez for Heyward?

    I am not doubting Heyward in what he can do, but his first year anything is possible on both ends of the spectrum. I know you and most peoples position on Heyward but rookies are risky question marks. Even ones as highly touted as Heyward is. Don't even bother comparing him to Pujols and his rookie season because no one outside of St. Louis predicted that rookie season. He was a 11th round draft pick. That is a freak occurrence. Manny is a question mark as well but history shows he produces at a high level. Especially in that lineup with what hits around him he will get over 100 RBI's easily.

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    • Not just Pujols... Braun/Longoria both had monster years and missed the first month... And who knows with Manny how many games your gonna even get out of him... The second something sets him off or pisses him off in LA he will make up some injury and go sit and pout on the DL for a month... He is just as big a risk as Heyward

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      • Braun yes, Longo didnt have a monster year his first but it was very respectable for a first year player especially at his position. i get what your saying. Both have potential of negative as well as positive. I would still do this deal. and if i saw this deal in any league i would see nothing wrong with it on either end.


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