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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong Apr 6, 2010 8:57 AM Flag

    Manny Ramirez for Heyward?

    That is a pretty high ceiling and a pretty high floor for Manny Rameriz (or any hitter in baseball). The ceiling for Heyward may be the same but the floor for Heyward...a slump down to a .230 BA and back to the minors by June. If you could get an OF right now (after all the elite talent has been drafted) with a floor of .280/20/90/80...you WOULDN'T do it? You would hold out for more? Show me a player with a higher floor? Hell...that is the floor for Bobby Abreu for the last 12 seasons and some people are saying they would take Justin Upton over Abreu and Upton's floor is way lower than that. Sorry...a reasonable and rational person WILL NOT give him any more than Manny for Heyward.

    P.S. - Please list all of the OFs you think have a HIGHER FLOOR than .280/20/90/80. I can only think of three.

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