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  • Loren Loren Apr 5, 2010 4:11 AM Flag

    HEY! this POSSIBLE??!

    Bench all Starting pitches and only have RP in the game. Use up all 1600 IP with relievers to have high ERA, the most saves, the most ks???

    is this possible? am i allowed to do this???

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    • You can do it. However, your SP positions would be empty (unless you used RPs with dual eligibility in those slots). Also, you would not win Ks. Think of it this way...a good strikeout SP will have a K/9 rate near 9.0. Thus, they will strikeout 6 batters in 6 innings even in a losing game. How many closers strikeout 6 batters in one inning? How many closers strikeout 5 batters in one inning? Your strategy might work if you have 5-6 closers in the non-SP positions every day and stream 4-6 starters into the SP positions for 3-4 days each week. Either way...you would probably be punting Ws, ERA, and WHIP with a marginal chance at Ks so that you could dominate saves. It seems like you would give up 3 pitching categories each week meaning that you would have to have a pretty dominant offense to break even. You would have to win 4-5 offensive categories EVERY WEEK just to have a hope at winning. Your strategy would work much better if there was no cap on IP and you could stream 7 SP each week into each of the two SP slots. That would give you 14 starts each week. If each SP got just 4 Ks per appearance you would have 56 Ks each week from your starters. Then all you would need is 1 K/day from each closer and you would be very competitive...especially if your starters just won 40% of their games.

    • You can do it but your lose Ws and Ks. And depending on your RPs even WHIP is not gauranteed.

    • its not possible cuz im pretty sure u need the SP for actual starters..but the regular P ya you can


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