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  • weeman24 weeman24 Apr 1, 2010 2:09 PM Flag

    I'll rate trades/teams for the next 30mins.

    I'll rate trades if you post them here.

    You can rate my team when ur posting.(lol)

    My Team is: (12team h2h)
    C: Mauer
    1b: Sandoval
    2b: Utley
    3b: A Ramirez
    SS: Stephen Drew
    OF: Lind, Cruz, Hunter
    UTIL: Morales
    UTIL: Quentin
    Bench: Carlos Gonz, Chris Davis,

    SP: John Lester, Ubaldo Jimenez, David Price, Stephen Strasburg
    RP: Francisco Cordero,Trever Hoffman, Ryan Franklin, Frank Francisco

    sizemore, Montero and peralta for
    Mauer, Hunter carlos gonzales.

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    • bengie
      justin upton
      bench- chris davis, alcides escobar, quentin, doumit

      sp- felix, cain, hanson, hudson, oswalt, lilly, dice-k
      rp- Aarmsa, wilson

      was offered wright, markakis for a-rod, coghlan

    • Team A gets:
      Grady Sizemore
      John Lackey

      Team B gets:
      Jayson Werth
      Ricky Nolasco

      Who wins?

    • C -- Matt Wieters
      1B -- Pablo Sandoval
      2B -- Ben Zobrist
      3B -- Gordon Beckham
      SS -- Asdrubal Cabrera
      OF -- Matt Kemp
      OF -- Jason Bay
      OF -- Denard Span
      Util -- Adrian Gonzalez
      Util -- Chris Coghlan
      BN -- Milton Bradley
      BN -- Jake Fox

      SP -- Jeff Niemann
      SP -- Cliff Lee
      SP -- Clayton Kershaw
      RP -- Andrew Bailey
      RP -- Chad Qualls
      P -- Aaron Harang
      P -- Brett Anderson
      P -- Matt Thornton
      BN -- Edwin Jackson
      BN -- Erik Bedard
      BN -- Ryan Rowland-Smith

      That's my team haven't changed the lineup since the draft

      Another team has A-Rod on the block...I offered Kershaw for A-Rod straight up...he countered with

      Rickie Weeks (2B)
      Scott Baker (SP)
      Brad Lidge (RP)


      Gordon Beckham
      Matt Kemp
      Clayton Kershaw

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      • Rickie Weeks (2B)
        Scott Baker (SP)
        Brad Lidge (RP)


        Gordon Beckham
        Matt Kemp
        Clayton Kershaw

        i wouldnt do it...points wise Arod and kemp will be similar.
        beckham will have 100-150 more than weeks.
        kershaw will have 50 more than baker and you probably wont start lidge all the time...and a similar player can be picked up off fa in a few weeks .

    • Good infield. Getting Utley and Mauer will really put you at in advantage as you get the two very best at positions with extreme diminishing return after those two. Pablo will continue to improve this year as well.

      Your SP is a little weak. I like Jimenez and Lester but Strausburg probably won't be in the Bigs right away. I have price on my team as well and he has a lot of good upside.

      Ryan Franklin is a guy that a lot of people hate saying he got lucky all last season.

      My Team

      C- Mauer
      1B - Mourneau
      2B - Ian Stewart
      3B - Sandavol
      SS - Tejada
      OF - Justin Upton, Choo, Jay Bruce
      Util1 - Laroche
      Util2 - Nyjer Morgan
      Bench - Erik Aybar, Chase Headley

      SP - Carpenter, Kershaw, Brett Anderson, David Price, Matusz, Ted Lily
      RP - Soria, Heath Bell, Billy Wagner, Jon Rauch

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      • i planned on picking up pitchers late in the draft and then i had to leave after round 17. i got price of d waivers....your right i need to get 2 more SPs...Strasburg should be good for 2nd half.

        C- Mauer - 10
        1B - Mourneau -7
        2B - Ian Stewart -3
        3B - Sandavol -7.5
        SS - Tejada 5
        OF - Justin Upton, Choo, Jay Bruce 8
        Util1 - Laroche 3
        Util2 - Nyjer Morgan 7
        Bench - Erik Aybar, Chase Headley 5

        SP - Carpenter, Kershaw, Brett Anderson, David Price, Matusz, Ted Lily 6.5
        RP - Soria, Heath Bell, Billy Wagner, Jon Rauch 6.5

        2b is your major weakness but nice team...nyjer morgan will have a great year for you i feel. i wanted to get him but i got greedy and waited too long.

    • 7/10. I think you need more SP.

      can you help me??
      10 Team H2H League

      Just drafted. Where should I try to improve?? I have been getting some offers, but I dont think they would benefit my team. What positions should I target??

      C Miguel Montero (Ari - C)
      1B Carlos Peña (TB - 1B)
      2B Brian Roberts (Bal - 2B)
      3B Mark Reynolds (Ari - 1B,3B)
      SS Stephen Drew (Ari - SS)
      OF Ryan Braun (Mil - OF)
      OF Justin Upton (Ari - OF)
      OF Jacoby Ellsbury (Bos - OF)
      Util Manny Ramírez (LAD - OF)
      Util Alfonso Soriano (ChC - OF)
      BN Miguel Tejada (Bal - SS)

      SP Johan Santana (NYM - SP)
      SP Josh Johnson (Fla - SP)
      RP José Valverde (Det - RP)
      RP Brian Fuentes (LAA - RP)
      P Jon Lester (Bos - SP)
      P Chad Billingsley (LAD - SP)
      P Brett Anderson (Oak - SP)
      BN Ryan Franklin (StL - RP)
      BN Mike González (Bal - RP)
      BN A.J. Burnett (NYY - SP)
      BN Brandon Webb (Ari - SP)


    • Wow, great trade and great team.

      Here's mine.

      BN-N. Cruz, J. Rivera
      SP-Hanson, Ed. Jackson, Brett Anderson, Randy Wells, Max Scherzer, Liriano, Happ
      RP- Frasor, Perez, F. Morales

    • Not a bad team, well balanced. 7.5/10

      10 Team H2H

      C-Kurt Suzuki
      1B-Albert Pujols
      2B-Aaron Hill
      3B-Mark Reynolds
      SS-Ben Zobrist
      OF-Justin Upton
      OF-Adam Dunn
      OF-Nelson Cruz
      Util-Michael Cuddyer
      BN-Franklin Gutierrez
      BN-Jose Lopez
      BN-Kyle Blanks
      BN-Alexei Ramirez
      BN-Max Scherzer


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