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  • Anton Anton Mar 31, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

    post draft settings changes

    didnt find it on the boards, just a random custom league listed in the find custom league thing... since only 5 of the 7 relief pitchers starts i would need figure 2 starters going 7 innings each to get 21 innings... i was able to drop some of my bench offense (5 bn spots and 3 sp spots left 8 total bench for me, which was really appealing to sacking starters)... dropped jd drew, clint barmes, casey mcgee, and miguel montero (posada starting though this was the toughest choice) for arroyo, hudson, de la rosa, and lilly... figure ill drop arroyo as soon as i can know lilly is alright...

    also some idiot just dropped mark reynolds so im trying to use my 3rd waiver to get him (though i doubt i will)


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