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  • Anton Anton Mar 30, 2010 8:00 PM Flag

    post draft settings changes

    What is everyone's opinions on changing settings after the draft?
    Personally I don't even understand why Yahoo allows changes to the settings after the draft, especially settings like positions, stats, min ip...
    what brought this question on is i am in a league standard draft 8 team h2h where no min ip was listed before the draft so i asked the question to the commish and he said there would be none... so i drafted no starting pitchers (cats are wins, saves, strikeouts, era, whip, and relief appearances)... without the min ip i drafted the following pitchers

    figuring i would start them all and try to win saves, relief app, era, whip...
    after the draft the commish then changed the min ip to 21... which is obv too high for my relievers to get there... and when i complained not only has the commish not responded yet, but another league mate got mad at me for being upset about the settings changes calling me an idiot for drafting like i did...

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    • I'm Commish in my league, 14 team roto. I got yelled at for attempting to change Max Moves, won't try that again. I think settings changes are wrong though. Screws everyone up, esp. changing of stat categories.

    • settings should never be changed post draft unless there is 100% league approval. The fact that you asked before hand, and it was confirmed makes it even worse. Your commish should change it back, and the league mate should be pissed at the commish for not setting a minimum before hand, not at you for taking advantage of the rules.

    • Thats pretty cheap to change them after the draft, u base ur drafting around those settings so u def have the right to be mad

    • perfect draft strat, u just need to stop playin 8 team for one, and never again w/ people like these. No major rule changes should be allowed post draft. period. post this on your league wall so the morons you play w/ can have an understanding of what fantasy ball should be like

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      • Again, while I don't condone or agree with what the commish did, I also don't like playing with guys who don't/won't play fair. Drafting all the best RP's you can get and no SP's, even though you know you can't win K's and W's without them, is being a jerk. It's not "the perfect draft strategy". If you didn't like the cats, you shouldn't have joined. Basically you were trying to "steal" pitching. I'm pretty sure that's why the commish changed the settings on you. Of course, two wrongs don't make a right.

    • Changing settings post draft is bush league. Smart people draft based on settings. Your draft was very intelligent based on the settings, and they screwed you. I figure with all of those guy, you pick up one starter a week and you'll make your IP.

      Did you get in this league off of the boards? Every year I see lots of cases of people who got in leagues off the board, and then the commish rigged it so he could win. Even people going as far as to bench entire teams and lock them so they could win in the playoffs.

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      • didnt find it on the boards, just a random custom league listed in the find custom league thing... since only 5 of the 7 relief pitchers starts i would need figure 2 starters going 7 innings each to get 21 innings... i was able to drop some of my bench offense (5 bn spots and 3 sp spots left 8 total bench for me, which was really appealing to sacking starters)... dropped jd drew, clint barmes, casey mcgee, and miguel montero (posada starting though this was the toughest choice) for arroyo, hudson, de la rosa, and lilly... figure ill drop arroyo as soon as i can know lilly is alright...

        also some idiot just dropped mark reynolds so im trying to use my 3rd waiver to get him (though i doubt i will)

    • Well I won't call you an idiot, but really man, you should've drafted at least one SP. That said, the Commish shouldn't have changed the settings after the draft, especially that high, without a vote.

    • not cool to change settings after draft.
      your commish is a noob.

    • bump for opinions please


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