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  • Jeff Jeff Mar 29, 2010 1:30 AM Flag

    Quentin or Kubel?

    I have Kubel but Quentin went undrafted, should I pull the trigger? Kubel I think peeked last yaer and I think Quentin could come back big this year. Any thoughts guys?

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    • Kubel's splits against lefties:

      2006: 9/37 - 2/9 (bb/k) - 2 HR - 7 RBI
      2007: 17/72 - 11/23 (bb/k) - 1 HR - 8 RBI
      2008: 23/99 - 15/22 (bb/k) - 3 HR - 17 RBI
      2009: 36/148 - 10/26 (bb/k) - 2 HR - 20 RBI

      = very, very poor.

    • If you do, you only gain three HRs, but you will lose nearly 30 RBIs and 20 points off your BA. Don't do this.

    • No, I am not - Everyone on the planet knows what Quentin's capabilities are and I can guarantee you that if you were not a Twin Cities homer - you would acknowledge it as well.

      Kubel has peaked. Quentin is out to prove himself again. Big difference.

      By the end of the year - Kubel will have fewer extra base hits than Quentin and will hit for a lower average because he is going to have to face lefties (no matter what kind of production you think Jim Thome is going to provide - LOL)

      Also, be prepared for Quentin to DH some this year as well against righties.

    • You are using April totals to justify Quentins production over a year. I also used Fielder as an example. My point was not to compare the 2 in contrast, but rather offer a point showing April has nothing to do with the production over an entire season.

    • LOL - you are really a Twin Cities homer. That is about the only way you could compare Jack Cust to Carlos Quentin.

    • Do it by averages then, Kubel is still the proven one. What does April matter? What did Prince Fielder do in April? What did Jack Cust do in April 2 years ago?

    • Right Field is the same distance as the Dome 326 ft. except there isn't that enormous baggie in right, the fence is shorter. How will this not help Kubel? And check his splits again, half his porduction came from the dome and the other half on the road, he plays field neutral. How did he benefit from the dome?

    • Year #1 on Quentin's stats that you decided to post was when he was sharing time in Arizona. Year #2, he was a full time starter and amassed those stats in only 130 games. Year #3 was when he got hurt and before he got hurt - he started off the year the way everyone expected him to perform - 8 April HR's and a .374 OBP.

      Be prepared to watch a similar start to the year and watch it continue as he shows how healthy he is.

    • get quentin now!!!!!!!!!!

    • All I am going to say is this:

      Kubel's numbers at the Metrodome WILL be better than they are going to be at Target Field. There are going to be a lot more quality lefties in the AL Central this year and he will have to PROVE that he can hit them.

      Kubel will also be hitting 5 in the Twins lineup. Quentin will have Pierre and Beckham/Rios hitting ahead of him with protection afforded with Konerko-Rios/Beckham behind him.

      If you really think that Span (I question his ability to repeat what he did last year as well) - Mauer (not questioning what he will do average wise) - Morneau - Cuddyer - Kubel, then that is fine by me. However, the splits clearly show that Kubel benefited from the Metrodome and his splits against righties from last year.

      My bet is that he does not duplicate what he did.

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