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    What are your thoughts on catchers? I notice that most folks draft only 1 catcher but I like to carry 2. My reasoning for this is because catchers are the players least likely to play 162 games. In fact, most catchers only play about 120 games a season. Therefore, I like to have 2 catchers because I cannot stand to have an "open" roster spot for 42 games a season. I got Wieters and Montero in only league, but my auto-draft only netted me Doumit in another league. Interesting fact...in both of my leagues this season the same team drafted both Maurer and McCann (I think at least one manager in each of my leagues thinks the same way).

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    • Try Jeff Clement. SHould be Pirates starting 1B, but retains C eligibility. 2 birds, one stone.

    • I'd take two catchers like Soto and Doumit, guys who are solid but that I could get late so that I wouldn't have to spend two high picks on them. I don't like the idea of getting Mauer and McCann, you're wasting a high pick on a second catcher who might not even play. But if I can get one stud and a decent backup late or two solid catchers deep into the draft I wouldn't mind doing so. Could you please answer my post?

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      • In one league I have Wieters and Montero. In my other league I just have Doumit. I am fine with my starters. However, in the league where I have just Doumit, I would like another catcher. I do not have Mauer and McCann but in both of my leagues...the same manager drafted both of them. I think it just fell that way because the managers like McCann's bat. I sent them trade offers because I saw they had other needs. I haven't heard anything back and just wanted other's feedback on the idea of carrying two catchers.

    • roto or H2H?
      in theory, two catchers would be great in roto.
      but it's never quite worked out for me, unless you can find a multi-eligibility guy (sandobal last year, inge many years ago).

      * it's really hard to predict when catchers are gonna get days off.
      * always seem to need the roster spot for dealing with injuries, and
      * ...most bench catchers don't add enough stats to warrant a roster slot.

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      • pass up on mccan for victor martinez. He's elligible for first on yahoo...

      • I'll give you 1 more peice of winning strategy.

        "unless you can find a multi-eligibility guy (sandobal last year)"

        That is the ONLY reason to make a spot for 2 catchers.

        Example V-Mart and Sandoval on the same team is acceptable when they play more than 1 position and put up good stats.

        Position eligibilty is the only advantage you'll have with 2 catchers - but they have to be better than the free agents that could replace them.

      • Good answer! I am in two H2H leagues. I had Sandoval last year. Unfortunately, he lost his eligibility. In fact, I have him playing 1B for the fantasy team where I only drafted one catcher.

        I would like to get Victor Martinez but his price is too high. I have looked a Ramon Hernandez due to his C, 1B eligibility but he is not solidified as a starter.

        In a backup catcher, all I need is a starter that can put up a .270/10/70 line. Unfortunately with the state of catching in MLB...that is rare.

    • I agree. You can't score if you have an open spot. I always try to have a back up at every position. However, that's not always possible, especially if you have a small bench. I'm only in one league that has more than 3 bench spots, so I can't afford to have a guy sitting on the bench that can't put up good numbers when called on. That leaves out most catchers.

    • Bad idea... catchers can't hit for shit.... use that roster spot for the other 40 games in infield and outfield that need filled up.

      You care going to spot start the catcher and may only net you a few stats... the reason most people only use 1 catcher is because most people use common sense.


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