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  • Hawks Hawks Mar 23, 2010 9:48 PM Flag

    Should I Punt Saves?

    I can't believe it but I missed out on closers. I think I waited too long. Should I just punt saves?

    Competitive 12 team Roto standard scoring league

    C - Jorge Posada
    1B - Mark Teixeira
    2B - Robinson Cano
    SS - Yunel Escobar
    3B - David Wright
    OF - Torii Hunter
    OF - Jason Kubel
    OF - Rajai Davis
    Util - Kendry Morales (1B)
    Util - Dan Uggla (2B)
    BN - Casey Blake (3B)
    BN - J.D. Drew (OF)

    SP - Justin Verlander
    SP - Ubaldo Jimenez
    RP - Brad Lidge
    RP - Ryan Madson
    P - J.A. Happ
    P - Matt Thornton
    P - Shaun Marcum
    P - Scott Kazmir
    BN - Ryan Dempster
    BN - Ricky Nolasco
    BN - Ryan Rowland-Smith


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    • The only 2 I am watching is Kerry Wood (who just got dropped for Downs) and Matt Guerrier. everyone else is owned...

      Gregg, Downs, Fraser, Dotel, Rauch, Liriano, Perez, Lindstrom...all gone!

    • OUt side of a few major leaguers. Trevor Hoffman, Mariano Rivera, Huston street, Burgos (KC), Bailey (OAK). I am sure I may have missed 1 or 2.

      There are so many teams that dont have set closers or will end up deciding who is gonna be thier closer later than sooner. Save your roster now and decide who you want to drop for your closer to be. Thats my advice. Its not like 5-10 years ago where you were sure who was closing and where.

    • I wouldn't give up on saves yet. I see some potential trade bait for your team without giving up your best players. Of course you may not get the best closers in return. I might try moving Uggla, Happ, or Kazmir for a closer. I'm not a fan of Uggla. He puts up HR #s but his Avg stinks. You already have Cano at 2b. Are there any available 2B like Prado (Atl), Uribe (SF) or Polanco (Phil). Polanco should score a lot of runs batting 2nd in the Philly lineup. Are their any available closers? Capps, Dotel, Lindstrom? Franklin Morales (Col) and Chris Perez (Clev) are fill-in closers until the Street and Wood are back. Wood is supposed to miss the first few months of the season.

    • I did an autopick on CBS and came out without 1 RP I'm scrambling like heck to find Closers I've got waiver claims out on Rauch Perez,Lyon,and Gregg plus I have made 3 trade offers. None of the moves am I happy with but it had to be done. I;m dropping guys I shouldn't just cause I need RP help.. Waiver go through tonite so my fingers are crossed. Good luck and happy scavanging

    • In h2h you can punt a catagory and get away with it in roto no way you start with a 10-12 deficeit that can't be made up. You can find them through out the year normally.

    • Saves aren't that important...especially in a roto league. Of course, you don't want to finish last in saves either. Your roster is strong enough that you should do well in other categories but you should still address all categories (this means addressing saves too). Your problem is you have both Lidge and Madson. Only one of them can close since they are on the same team. You need to find a closer in the FA pool. Not all of the closers were taken in your draft...never are...this is because some closer positions still aren't set and others have changed due to injuries. Do a Google search for "projected MLB closers 2010" or read the "closing thoughts" fantasy baseball section on Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

      Cross reference any list you find with the available FAs in your league. I can tell you right now...most leagues still have Dotel available in Pittsburgh and he is projected to be their closer.


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