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    Greatest Ever

    This discussion started on another thread but I thought I would clean it up and make a new one. leave your list of the greatest player ever at each position; your all-time dream team. To keep things simple we will leave active players out of the discussion.

    C-Yogi Berra
    1B- Lou Gehrig
    2B- Rogers Hornsby
    3B- Mike Schmidt
    SS-Honus Wagner
    OF- Babe Ruth
    OF-Ted Williams
    OF-Mickey Mantle
    B-Hank Aaron
    B-Stan Musial
    B- Ty Cobb
    B-Willie Mays
    B- Pete Rose
    B-Johnny Bench

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    • Well if we are referring to delusional then you need to fix your story. Cobb never stabbed anyone either, all he ever did was beat up a heckler during a game. Something that still happens today and considering the time they didn’t have cops protecting players from fans. And two, Cobb was far above every player during his era which spans 1905 to 1928. Hitting over 400 was just as hard as it was then as it is now and considering he did it 3 times, twice in row with one year being 420 is impressive. He set 90 records when he retired. So i assume your going to say Babe Ruth wasnt great either because he played during the same era as well as did Honus wagner, Roger Hornsby or even Lou Gherig who played before the color barrier was destroyed. Btw about Rickey Henderson being the greatest lead off. The year he stole 130 bases he also was thrown out 42 times which record he also holds. As for Pete the gambler who only reason he was allowed to extend his career the last 4 years was to break Ty Cobbs Record ending his career batting 219.

    • Whoa whoa whoa whoa,,, list is very very good but theres no way Mays aint patrolling CF no fckn way

    • You are being delusional. First Ray Lewis did not stab anyone in the middle of a game, completely different situation. Second, you need to keep in mind that these guys played in different eras and need to look at the stats accordingly. Hitting .350 was not that big of a deal when Cobb played but it is now just like 40 HR is not that big of a deal now but it was then. Cobb started his career OVER 100 YEARS AGO. For about half of his career the league average was around .300 which is a lot different than the .260 league average for most of Rose’s career

    • 3base hitting Schmidt fielding Brooks Robinson Funny story about this Schmidt say Brooks was the greatest and Brooks says schmidt was the greatest Mays and AAron were both better then Mantle ====Mays alround best fielding and hitting
      of any you have listed in the OF

    • If Piazza juiced then every single player in baseball juiced right? and since there is no test for HGH then every player in baseball is juicing now including Mauer right? come on bro don't start crucifying guys who never even got brought up in the investigation

    • I got that. I'M not arguing here against Pudge. I was just wondering the numbers, period. Actually when I first read the list Pudge immediately came to my mind. I was just wondering how they compared in that category

    • Like I said earlier, STATISTICALLY Mauer is not that great of a catcher, really just a bit above average. 38% caught stealing rate and his Rtot/yr is only 9.4.

    • Piazza also juiced.

    • Actually piazza might not because of Tony Gwynn... But there were a couple years Piazza batted what Mauer did last year

    • I am not argueing with you. To me Pudge is the best defensive Catcher of this generation, Molina may give him a run for his money but Mauer does not belong in the conversation

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