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  • TONY B TONY B Feb 18, 2010 11:15 PM Flag

    Mauer = 6th pcik????

    I have not done any drafts yet so bare with me on this.
    Lets say the big 5 are gone HanRam,Pujols,A-Rod,Utley and Braun. Now if you have the 6th pick and U take Mauer.
    What do you guys think u can Always grab a1b latter the best OF is gone . 1 thing that scares me is how the new Ball Park in Minnesota is going to play. I think its going to favor Lefties beacaus Minn picked up Thome

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    • I love seeing people bash people for taking Mauer in the first round because his numbers aren't as good as the rest of the 1st rounders and you shouldn't draft him that high just because he is a catcher... 2 words for you guys... CHASE UTLEY!!!! the only reason Utley is a 1st rounder is because he plays 2nd... otherwise he would be 2nd rd at best

    • why would anyone take Mauer in the first two rounds. Hes not that good a fantasy player. His average is good. But you should never pay high for average. with your first pick take a guy who is going to produce homeruns, runs, and rbis

    • If you are picking 6th in a standard 12 team league you can probably get Martinez in the 3rd rd and he puts up great numbers and is 1st base as well... I would rather spend the 6th pick on Lincecum or Longoria before Mauer and target Martinez in the 3rd

    • do not take mauer with the 6th pick. take howard/tex/fielder

    • Never take a C in the 1st.

    • Here's the thing with Mauer. He will only produce 3rd/4th round stats, plus there is the risk of injury. I absolutely love Mauer, and I really hope he cranks out 30 HRs this year. However, you want to get a guarantee with your first pick and Mauer is not that. If you want to play the position scarcity game then I will too. Mauer would be an ok pick middle to late in the 2nd round in that case. But, Troy Tulowitzki also plays at an extremely shallow position and he has proven that his stats are legit. You may lose 8 SBs off of what Tulo did last year, but with Mauer you will probably lose 30 points on the BA and 15 HRs.

      If I'm going to pass on a 3B or 1B then I'm taking a shot with Tulo.

    • I'd take Mauer with the 6th pick.

      Pujols, Han-ram, and A-rod will all be gone by pick 6.

      I'd take Ryan Braun or Matt Kemp over Mauer, but I prefer Mauer to Utley.

    • Love Mauer would never take him 6th.

    • u sound like a complete retard.

    • I don't know what them picking up Thome has anything at all to do with it, the ballpark wasn't built specifically for Thome or anything.

      Anyway, I'd take Mauer at the 6th pick. He's by far the best catcher in baseball and one of the top overall hitters. He's gonna hit for average with some power, and he's going to score plenty of runs for you. If you don't take Mauer at pick 6, there isn't another catcher who I think is worth taking in the first 5 rounds or so.

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      • First, if you think it is ok to take Mauer in the first 2 rounds, let alone the 6th overall pick, you know nothing about fantasy baseball and should give up now.

        Second, no other catcher who you would take in the first 5 rounds? Are you crazy? Have you never heard of Brian McCann. Mauer broke 20 HR and 90RBI for the first time in his career last year, McCann has already done it 3 times. BTW, McCann is also a year younger than Mauer. McCann still gives you a .293 career average to go with that LEGIT power and at 22 years old put up this line:
        61R 24HR 93RBI .333AVG

        Third, Mauer’s BAbip jumped 30 points over his career average to .373. Now the best players tend to have BAbips higher than luck neutral but not that much higher and they tend to be consistent with it. This means we can expect a BAbip around .335 from Mauer which means that AVG and OBP are going to drop quite a bit. The next thing is his hot start which really inflated his numbers. In May he had 11 HR (over a 1/3 of his season total) a .414AVg and 32 RBI with a .400BAbip, that is a lot of luck right there.

        Fourth, now to address the power. He had one less HR last year than the previous 3 years combined, that screams fluke. His HR/FB rate TRIPLED which is almost a guarantee that it will go down by a large margin.

        Fifth, there is also the injury concern. Mauer has constant back problems and plays the most physically demanding position in sports. There is also the park factor. The Twins are moving to a new outdoor field which means that Mauer will have to catch games in cold weather at the start of the year and end of the year. Their park is also expected to be rated pitcher friendly.

      • people let me explain . ok i will go slow ok.
        Minn Twins picked up Jim Thome why?????
        Maybe beacause they the Twins know the new ball park would be good for lefties. ok NOW Mauer being a lefty helps me with my original post why MAUER should be the 6ht pick ...ok morons!!!!

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