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  • Ray B Ray B Feb 15, 2010 5:10 PM Flag

    Drafting RD 6 & 7...Need your Expertise!

    Thsi is a 12 team pay cbs league.
    I managed to get the very first pick.(PUJOLS BABY)
    Just wondering if I should take Nathan/Broxton 6th and 7th?
    Give me some advice please.

    Round 1-

    Brewer Maniacs- Albert Pujols
    Bull Schmidt- Hanley Ramirez
    The PeckerWoods-Ryan Braun
    Hamels Camel Toes- Alex Rodriguez
    Dominance- Chase Utley
    Ass to Mclouth- Matt Kemp
    The Dead Devil Rays- Evan Longoria
    Jiggy Without Figgy- Joe Mauer
    Dazed and Confused-Miguel Cabrera
    Flux Capacitors- Prince Fielder
    U.S. Blues-Mark Teixiera
    Why The Face- Carl Crawford

    Round 2-

    Why The Face- David Wright
    U.S. Blues- Tim Lincecum
    Flux Capacitors-Ian Kinsler
    Dazed and Confused-Roy Halladay
    Jiggy Without Figgy- Troy Tulowitzki
    The Dead Devil Rays-Justin Upton
    Ass to Mclouth-Jose Reyes
    Dominance- Felix Hernandez
    Hamels Camel Toes- Ryan Howard
    The PeckerWoods- Matt Holliday
    Bull Schmidt- Jacoby Ellsbury
    Brewer Maniacs- Grady Sizemore

    Round 3-

    Brewer Maniacs- Manny Ramirez
    Bull Schmidt- CC Sabathia
    The PeckerWoods-Mark Reynolds
    Hamels Camel Toes-Zack Grienke
    Dominance- Ryan Zimmerman
    Ass to Mclouth- Joey Votto
    The Dead Devil Rays- Dustin Pedroia
    Jiggy Without Figgy- Adrian Gonzalez
    Dazed and Confused- Pablo Sandoval
    Flux Capacitors- Jimmy Rollins
    U.S. Blues- Victor Martinez
    Why the Face- Derek Jeter

    Round 4-

    Why the Face- Justin Verlander
    U.S. Blues-Justin Morneau
    Flux Capacitors- Jayson Bay
    Dazed and Confused-Brian Roberts
    Jiggy Without Figgy-Kevin Youkilis
    The Dead Devil Rays- Dan Haren
    Ass to Mclouth- Robinson Cano
    Dominance-Johan Santana
    Hamels Camel Toes-Adam Wainwright
    The PeckerWoods-Curtis Granderson
    Bull Schmidt-Aaron Hill
    Brewer Maniacs- Josh Johnson

    Round- 5

    Brewer Maniacs-Jon Lester
    Bull Schmidt-Matt Cain
    The PeckerWoods-Kendry Morales
    Hamels Camel Toes- Adam Lind
    Dominance- Nick Markakis
    Ass to Mclouth- BJ Upton
    The Dead Devil Rays-Chris Carpenter
    Jiggy Without Figgy- Brandon Phillips
    Dazed and Confused-Jayson Werth
    Flux Capacitors-Adam Dunn
    U.S. Blues-Tommy Hanson
    Why the Face- Ben Zobrist

    Round 6-

    Why the Face- Brian Mccann
    U.S. Blues-Andre Ethier
    Flux Capacitors-Matt Weiters
    Dazed and Confused-Sin Soo Choo
    Jiggy Without Figgy- Cliff Lee
    The Dead Devil Rays-Suzuki Ichiro
    Ass to Mclouth- Josh Hamilton
    Dominance- Gordon Beckham
    Hamels Camel Toes- Adam Jones
    The PeckerWoods-
    Bull Schmidt-
    Brewer Maniacs-

    Round 7-
    Brewer Maniacs-
    Bull Schmidt-
    The PeckerWoods-
    Hamels Camel Toes-
    Ass to Mclouth-
    The Dead Devil Rays-
    Jiggy Without Figgy-
    Dazed and Confused-
    Flux Capacitors-
    U.S. Blues-
    Why the Face-

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