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    You have questions? I have answers.

    If you have any questions about your team, whether you want me to help you with a trade, pick up, general questions, or just to rate your team. Post here and I will answer it within 5 min

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    • Still answering questions for a bit

    • Pick 10 keepers:

      10 teams.....5x5....H2H....

      G. Jones

      W. Davis

      Neftali Feliz

      B. Wilson

      thanks in advance....

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      • The 10 I would go with are:

        I wouldn't waste a keeper on saves, although I love Feliz and think he is going to have a great year. Also I assumed that you were talking about Josh Johnson. Reynolds is safe because Pujols and your other players will be able to pick up the slack for BA. Cutch is going to have a fantastic year and there is no way I would let him leave your team.

      • had a difficult time filling my last 1-2 spots (as I'm sure a lot of managers have).....

        Playing Sandoval at C helped me immensely last year as I could slot Reynolds and Beckham at 3B and Util.....however that will not be the case this year....so i am not going to keep 1 of those 3 and was deciding between Reynolds and Beckham....leaning towards Reynolds b/c of the SB and HR....i could live with the average b/c i never consistently won that category last year....the question is, is how close can Reynolds match last years numbers?.....

        love Cutch as one OF and Jeter as backup for Reyes and/or as Util.....

        pitchers were Johnson and Hanson.....leaning towards Carp over both Garza and Nathan....risking him being injured, but he is gonna rack up the wins and more than likely have a lower era due to being in the NL Central (as opposed to Garza battling AL East, although he will get me more Ks).....always wonder about keeping a closer, but Nathan is top 3 (depending on who you prefer, but is he worth it over Carp/Garza?).....

    • I am in a 3 keeper league and I am already keeping hanley, and cc the other keeper is a little bit up in the air... bj upton, kung fu panda, cliff lee, manny, josh johnson, curtis granderson,victor martinez? What do you think?

    • Also if anyone wants to join a draft I have 10 spots available

      League ID: 175663
      League Pass: mlb

    • Taking more questions

    • Reyes, he is going to go off this year

    • Second year keeper league, 12 teams H2H 6x6 w/ HLDs and OPS...just started the draft and had #1 overall pick. The team so far:

      C empty
      1B Mark Teixeira
      2B empty
      3B Pablo Sandoval
      SS Jimmy Rollins
      OF Jason Bay
      OF Adam Dunn
      OF Adam Jones
      UTIL Aramis Ramirez
      BN Shane Victorino

      SP Adam Wainwright
      SP Chris Carpenter
      SP Josh Johnson
      RP empty
      RP empty
      P Chad Billingsley
      P empty
      BN empty x5

      Used the #1 pick on Adam Jones and no sooner does it happen I get a playful angry message from the guy with the #2 (who took Nelson Cruz) expressing angry on not getting Jones and wanting to trade. After some haggling, this is the proposal right now:

      I give Adam Jones, Aramis Ramirez, Josh Johnson

      I get Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz, and Pick 7 Round 4

      Is this pick enough to justify this trade? My thinking is that it fills a need at 2B (best available is Jose Lopez then huge drop-off, and don't think Lopez will last to my next pick 2.12), ditches Aramis to open my UTIL, and as much as I like JJ, I think he is replaceable with guys like Wandy and Nolasco among others hanging around. Just not sure if I am maximizing value, or if that pick just doesn't make up the difference...

    • --9 Team custom points KEEPER League: 3 Batters and 2 Pitchers (So the draft starts with 27 Batters and 18 Pitchers taken)
      --The league is ALL RANGERS FANS
      --I won lst year and have the last pick
      --19 players will be taken before my 1st pick (9 actual picks and 10 Supplemental to fill keepers)

      Already keeping KINSLER and WRIGHT along with VERLANDER and LESTER.

      Who should I KEEP for my LAST HITTER?

      JOSE REYES: Hanley is the only SS being kept, he'll get taken before I pick but should have a shot at Jeter, Zobrist, or Andrus. Injury risks are an obvious concern and doubt he hits 15 HR's or steals 60 but he's been top notch for a long time.


      JOSH HAMILTON: It's an all Rangers league so there is no way he makes it back to me with my first pick. It's safe to say his value will be way higher in our league . Injury concerns here too but he's also my favorite player. He moved to LF and is hitting between Young and Vlad. I expect a monster year from him but concerned that keeping him could really hurt my team in the long run if he's hurt again.

      Should I keep Hamilton and take one of Jeter, Zobrist, or Andrus? Or am I better off having potentially top 3 players at 2B, 3B, and SS going into the draft and not overdraft Hamilton?

      Here's my scoring settings if that helps:
      Runs (R) 5
      Singles (1B) 5
      Doubles (2B) 10
      Triples (3B) 15
      Home Runs (HR) 20
      Runs Batted In (RBI) 5
      Sacrifice Hits (SH) 3
      Sacrifice Flys (SF) 3
      Stolen Bases (SB) 5
      Caught Stealing (CS) 0
      Walks (BB) 3
      Intentional Walks (IBB) 5
      Hit By Pitch (HBP) 3

    • I like Weaver over Hanson. Weaver just because of experience. Don't get me wrong, I love Hanson, but I think Weaver is safer. I would take Zobrist and Weaver over Victorino and AJ. Remember Zobrist also has 2B and OF eligibility.

    • Jay Bruce, Yadier Molina, and Martin Prado for Jered Weaver and James Sheilds in a dynsaty league where you keep all players

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