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  • bowlinggod bowlinggod Feb 9, 2010 12:41 PM Flag

    Who To take #8 pick

    In salary cap league $350 mixed league 12 team. Get Fielder or Texieria for $35 or go with value and position scarcity and get Victor Martinez for $19, Mauer is $26 will be gone and Mcann is $20. Also 2nd round Granderson is $15, been told if i don't get him in 1st round he won't be there in 2nd should i gamble and get him?? Leaning towards Martinez and Pedroia 1st two picks.

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    • I'd be real happy to get those guys!! It isn't an auction draft though it is set prices by the sporting news mixed league value which we've always gone by since doing the league 10 years ago. This makes the league alot of fun cause value is so critical. Example last year i got Ryan franklin $1!!! I had Blalock all year at 3rd base which just killed me and Gordon Beckham when i got him cooled off. I think the catcher prices are nuts, example victor is $19 yet posada is $17, Montero $16, Napoli $16 Doumit $16 Susuki, Weiters, Moina $14, and Martin $12 and Mccann is $20 and Mauer $26. I think the price for V-mart is real good considering the left overs especially big reason i'm big on him. Love the value of Votto, Berkman, and Morales so i think i can hold off at 1st base. Longoria first pick i can certainly agree with nothing wrong at a limited position i feel to get a guy who hits 35 hr, 100 runs and rbis and around 10 steals and hit probably .285ish.

    • Votto, Martinez, Pedrioa, Rollins, Longoria would be a great start...I'm not real familiar with auction drafts so I don't know if this is realistic or not?

    • That's tough. Votto, Morales, and Berk are all great value. You seem pretty set on getting a top C, and it seems like a lot of the good values are short on SBs. I would look at Kemp or Longo first. I think Longo should swipe 15 bags this year.

    • 1st base prices:
      Pujols $40
      Howard $36
      Fielder $35
      Tex $35
      Cabrera $34
      Morneau $29
      Reynolds $28
      Youk $28
      Gonzo $26
      Sandoval $25
      Votta $23, like a lot!!
      Morales $22 also like alot!!
      Dunn $20
      Berkman $17

      With all the info. #8 pick 1st round who would ya go with. I like Kemp alot too just wish he was hitting better spot in lineup.

    • What will Gonzo cost you? He really isn't much different than Tex. I think the Kemp price is pretty decent compared to Braun. Longoria seems pretty good too.

    • Totally see where you're coming from, question for ya, not sure if you saw my posting on 3rd base but that was a major issue for me last year. A-rod will be gone but Wright is $32, Longoria $30, Reynolds $28, Youk $28, Zimmerman, A. Ramirez, Sandavol $25, Young $22 Figgins $20, Jones $18, Beckham $18. Do you believe going with Tex for $35 then V-Mart for $19 best route to go? For outfielers, braun is $38, Holliday $38, Kemp $35, Crawford $34, Bay $32 Ellisbury $31, Sizemore and J. Upton $30, Manny $30. Personally I think all these prices are crazy other then maybe Braun.

    • I laughed when i saw what Bartlett costs. I like the J-Roll price, still can bring 20 hr and 30+ steals and we count errors and he's a pretty good fielder to boot. I'm hoping to get him in the third round. Big thing I love about our league is value is huge not just getting your studs suddenly after 5 rounds you've spent half your cap space fun watching guys squirm after doing that.

    • I'd take Dunn in round 4 or 5 over Tex in round 1.

      I think you should go crazy and just make the ultimate pitching team. Take Lincecum and Halladay, then continue with just pitching until you HAVE to take offense.

    • Braun, Reyes, Longoria, Kemp, Crawford, Utley?

    • depending on the number of managers in your league, granderson wont be gone in the first round. Dont take pedroia as your second pick. He is over rated. Take someone like Kinsler or gamble that Hill will repeat his year. Zobrist is also a possibility, since he is eligible at 2nd and will be the rays starting 2nd baseman


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