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  • Todd Todd Jan 25, 2010 11:53 AM Flag

    hows this dynasty team?

    seems like one of those teams in limbo. Got some good players, so can hang around, but not good enough to win, an d getting older. Best bet would be to pull a Pirates and do a full on rebuild, but since you say your league loves the young guys, maybe go the other way. Do like Zduriencik and get several small upgrades across your team instead of a big one. Deal Martin, dont need 2 Cs who are going to play 100 games, I dont think Martin will rebound. Dont need 2 1Bs who should play 140+ games, deal Lee since he has more value now, package him with Aramis for a better 3B. If you could get Reynolds thatd be great, but maybe a tier lower. Go for Beltre and someone to balence the deal. Nobody is going to buy Manny after his down year, so hold on and hope for a rebound.
    I dont like your SPs much, but someone might. I think Edwin will suck, Zambrano is too big a risk, and Weaver is overrated. See if anyone wants to buy on anyone. Dont deal Joba, his value is so low compared to his upside. Im not a fan of his, but i figure you cant get close to what he should be worth. Also for Straus... dont deal him just to deal him, you better get overpayed for him. He is the legit #1 pitching prospect in the minors, and he'll be up by 2011 for sure.

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