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    Massive Keeper Trade

    I am in a complex dynasty league involving prospects and players contracts. My team is rebuilding and my best player, David Wright, is on the last year of his contract (in the league, not in real life) so I'm fielding offers on him to try and stock the farm system. I also have super-prospect Bryce Harper. I have an opportunity to trade both of them for:

    Rays SP prospect Matt Moore
    Marlins 3B prospect Matt Dominguez
    Brewers OF prospect Kentrail Davis
    Angels OF prospect Randal Grichuk
    Royals 1B/DH prospect Kila Ka'aihue
    Twins SP prospect Deolis Guerra
    Orioles RP prospect Pat Egan
    Rangers OF David Murphy
    Twins 3B Andy Marte

    The way I see it, since I'm not competing, I'm basically trading a worthless (to me) David Wright and Bryce Harper for this plethora of talented, high-upside prospects.

    Should I do it?

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    • my biggest problem with this isnt the fact that your making the trade its that your giving up 2 months before the season even starts TBH i cant stand playing with people that try to build a team for 5 years from now maybe 10% of any prospects pan out over those 5 years which means maybe 1 of those listed will be good enough to stick around and youve already got wright
      he had an off season last year it happens he still hit 20 hrs stole 20+ bases 90 RBI 90 Runs you need to look for an immidate improvement if your going to trade Wright not a pocket full of magic beans

    • I'd try for a guy that is close to being an everyday player....Mat Gamel and some other prospects maybe.....David Wright is potentially a top 3 fantasy guy (maybe even the top), you need to get some guaranteed value back in a deal involving him.

    • I wouldn't be opposed to trading them for prospects, just not those prospects. None of those prospects are elite level and none of them will likely make an impact this year.

      Harper might be 4-5 years from the majors but on name value alone he's worth more than any one of those players you'd be getting back. If it were me I'd want at least two top 25 caliber prospects and then some more filler behind them like that are currently in the trade.

    • do anything you have to, but dont give up wright(FA) for nothing...please email me airforce10180@yahoo.com...i have a question about your dynasty leauge with minor leauge players