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  • charles.young10 charles.young10 Jan 19, 2010 1:52 PM Flag

    Reynolds for waino/weaver/clay

    I give reynolds

    Then traded Andrus/Clay Buch for Matt Cain....

    my keepers were
    Chone Figgins
    Derrick Lee
    after that is a free for all for the last 3 spots... lead by

    and they are now...

    Chone Figgins
    Derrek Lee
    Jered Weaver
    Matt Cain

    and the last spot will be between

    Corey Hart
    Hunter Pence

    Thinking I should keep another bat... what do you guys think... oh yeah and also it looks like I can get a granderson/bartlett for holliday... so it would come down to

    Corey Hart or
    Hunter Pence

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    • I don't like this one as much either. I don't like Bay in NY (should have stayed in the AL). Although the Mets lineup should provide many run producing opportunities I think the pitching in the NL east is a bit stiffer and he is a horrid outfielder.

      I think Granderson could play very well in NY depending on how they choose to use him. I would wait to do anything with him until we are at least a bit into spring training.

    • Love it. I'm a big Morales fan and he is only 26 years old (or so they tell us)

    • or a granderson/bartlett for Jason Bay... I dont like this one so much...

    • so what do you guys think of a lee/bartlett for morales trade? lol

    • True, this is what I think Bartlett will do in 2010:

      90R (you are right about that lineup)

      You mentioned his BAbip in the previous 4 seasons and I think this is a very good thing to look at with him. Even if they are above luck neutral you still see the trend that his AVG fluctuates with his BAbip quite well. The simple fact remains that there is no way he can achieve a .364 BAbip again. So if last year he had a .330BAbip (which is still way above normal) he would have hit about .285. Now take into account that a lower AVG and lower OBP will mean less runs scored and less runs driven in.

    • yeah, that might be harder to do given his age. Although if there are any Cubs fans in your league it may be worth a try, they are crazy afterall

    • so all told, it's Reynolds and Andrus for Wainwright Cain and Weaver? Thats close, but I'd take Reynolds side on talent, but since you have a bunch of SSs, its a fair deal. I would try and get more though. I wouldn't keep Weaver, and youve got to keep Bartlett. Even if you just flip him to someone looking for a SS. On Granderson, I think he's going to be a perfect fit in NY, and perform really close to Holliday. I wouldn't be suprised if Granderon outperformed Holliday on his own, though I would still take Holliday of the two.

    • Good moves and I would do the Holliday trade for sure.

      I would also move Derek Lee. I know that he had a really good year last year but that is just another reason to trade him...sell high. First baseman are easy to come by, Lee will be 35 this season so he has few if any real good years left and the Cubs lineup is not what it once was as the core of their lineup is aging quickly. Package him with Pence (overrated) and you should be able to get a nice return.


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