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  • mike o mike o Jan 19, 2010 12:32 PM Flag

    Answering All Questions

    I need some help. I am really contemplating who to keep in my fantasy baseball league for the 2010 season. We are allowed to keep 5 players off of a 25 man roster (12 teams). It is an auction draft format, with a budget to draft a team of $260. Below is a my 2009 league winning roster. You will note that 4, in my opinion are no brainers.

    Chase Utley 51
    Lance Berkman 36
    Roy Halladay 29
    Vladimir Guerrero 27
    Francisco Rodriguez 26
    Hanley Ramirez 25
    Torii Hunter 19
    Adrian Gonzalez 16
    Ryan Braun 16
    Trevor Hoffman 14
    Michael Young 13
    Chad Qualls 12
    Javier Vazquez 11
    Jayson Werth 10
    Chris Carpenter 7
    Andrew McCutchen 4
    Chris Coghlan 4
    George Sherrill 4
    Gordon Beckham 4
    Jorge Cantu 4
    Kurt Suzuki 4
    Leo Nunez 4
    Matt Cain 4
    Nick Blackburn 4

    Sorry, full roster listed. But the for sure lock keepers for me are Hanley, Braun, Gonzalez, Halladay, and....? Right now, for $7, I like Carpenter. But Weth for $10 and Beckham for $4 are interesting too. Beckham's switch to 2B intrigues me.

    So, do I stay with Carpenter on the keep list or go for keeping another young bat like Beckham or Werth?

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    • If you keep a player, do you get to keep him at last year's salary?

    • Alrighty,

      Here is what I think:

      Utley would be nice to keep but obviously his $51 price tag is way too high. You might even be able to get him for less during your auction.

      Braun and Gonzalez at $16 are both steals. Hanley at $25 is also a great bargain. You have two of your infield slots filled and an OF spot knocked out.

      I would look to keep another INF/OF from your least at a cheap price. Jayson Werth isn't exactly young at 30 years of age.

      I am torn between Beckham and McCutchen. According to Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster they project as follows for 2010:

      Beckham: 77/20/79/9/.276
      McCutchen: 86/18/57/33/.276 with 20/40 upside

      Both of these guys are available at $4/pop and will be keepers for a long time.

      Werth is a bargain at $10 as well but Beckham and McCutchen will far outplay their price compared to Werth.

      I am leaning toward keeping McCutchen for you. You'd have all the power and speed you'd need with Hanley, Braun, Gonzalez, and McCutchen. You just have to load up at the other positions with all the money you saved having only spent $61 out of $260.

      As for Halladay, although he is one of the top starting pitchers, you have to realize you have Matt Cain available at $4! That is an insane bargain. I would imagine he will bring $15 this year in your draft. I would keep him over Halladay, especially considering Cain is seven years younger.

      But, it really doesn't matter who you take between Cain and Halladay.

      I hope this helps.

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      • Cody,

        I thank you for the tips. I too have thought of Cain, and at one time was thinking I'd keep him Halladay and Carpenter. WOW! I could grab $1-$3 SP and spend the rest on bats. The other guy that I have waivered on is Gonzalez. As noted, a sick bargain at $16, but even more so had he landed in Bean Town. I think the guy is strong, but knowing my league, I don't think that he is as respected by the others as I like him.

        Thanks again for the advice. I will be checking your site for future updates.


        Would you go Cain over Carpenter? Should I keep Beckham or McClutchen and throw Gonzo back and hope to get him for around $20? I guess I have some time before our draft April 3.


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