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  • kmart kmart Jan 16, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

    Anyone with ROTO Tips?

    Draft the best top players in the first few rounds. Don't draft closers until the end, maybe even punt that categorei. I won last year while getting 1's in 2 categories and still won my league by 20 points. Draft a guy or two at the end who steal a ridiculous amount of SB's. That should cover your whole team. The most important part of fantasy baseball though is the waiver wire, after the draft ofcourse. I picked up so many good players off of waivers that basically made of the core of my team in the end. I think I have close to 100 moves for the season but it worked. Good luck buddy!

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    • A strategy I use for player evaluation on roto leagues.

      Because Average, WHIP, and ERA are statistics that once your at the bottom of the league a trade or two will not bring you much help I make sure to remove all players from my draft board who have the following. For example I avoid a player who will hit you a ton of homers but drag down your batting average at the same time.

      batting average of .269 or less
      WHIP of 1.36 or more
      ERA of 4.00 or more

      Now if a player just had a bad year I'll look at his career averages. I play in an auction league so I would guess if you are doing a standard draft you may have to get away from this a bit as the draft nears it's final couple of rounds.

      Using this strategy I've finished 1st, 1st, and 2nd (of ten) in a standard roto league. Last year I didn't use the strategy and finished 6th so needless to say I'm going back to it this year.

    • Thanks. Anyone else?


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