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    Need Pitching Help or advice

    Im in the 8th with no pitchers. Its a salary dynasty league. I figure its now time to look for an anchor. The below is who is there for the taking still, what would you do? I need 2 of them since there is one pick in front of me.

    Javier Vasquez
    Ubaldo Jimenez
    Ricky Nolasco
    John Lackey
    Chad Billingsley
    A.J. Burnett

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    • salary dynasty league? i bet vazquez is making some nice dime in New York. billingsley and jimenez would be my choice.

      anyone who said vazquez probably didn't consider salaries if this is a true dynasty salary league. NY overpays for everyone and that wouldn't be cost effective in this type of league.

    • I would take Vazquez and Billingsley. Vaz always gives you a lot of K's, excellent WHIP, and with the Yanks, this year a lot of wins. Bills is still a kid, but he's in a weak hitting division, in a pitcher's park, and will also rack up the K's and some W's.

      Nolasco is tempting, but look at his stats from last year, and I think you know you can get him a round or four later. Lackey worries me with health issues and a change of park could hurt his ratios a bit.

    • Jimenez & Billinglsley. When in doubt, go with power pitchers in the NL. They rack up a few more Ks without having to deal with the DH and their ERA and WHIP equally benefit. The two mentioned above are also young and have a ton of life in their arms.

    • Jimenez ans billingsly


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