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  • gp gp Jan 13, 2010 8:38 PM Flag

    Which 5x5 keeper would you rather?

    Basically its a 3 player keeper league...
    I Already know two of the 3 keepers I'm taking (Hanley Ramirez and Evan Longoria)... But I can't decide between the last two (Both are OF)... The below breakdown gives the average stats of my two keepers plus player A and my two keepers plus player B... Based on stats alone which would you rather have?

    I'm doing it this way to protect from a bias people may have with the players... I will reveal the players if I get some responses...

    Average stats with player A:
    Avg-.308 Runs- 98 HR- 22 RBI- 93 SB- 35

    Average stats with player B:
    Avg-.312 Runs- 98 HR- 27 RBI- 110 SB- 17

    Whos it gonna be? A or B?

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    • this was a dumb question and format. AGE and TEAM (ballpark) are big factors to consider in a question like this. if you were comparing Manny Ramirez to Matt Holliday for example, since Manny is 1-2 years away from retiring, I don't care if he had 10 more HR than Holliday, keep the younger guy. plus, if it was Bay, you have to factor in that he is now playing in a larger ballpark and he won't hit as many HR now that he moved to NY. also, if one was on a good offensive team versus a bad one, we need to know that.

      don't ask a question like this for a keeper question.

    • Holliday

    • Without age and other info like games played it's really tough to make a decsion. Also, what about the past two seasons? If one of those two had two monster years or two duds it would make a big difference.

    • I don't get where the numbers come from? You say one of the players is Ellsbury but none of the numbers are consistent with Ells...

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      • Player A is the average numbers of ellsbury hanley and longoria combined.... player b is the average numbers of holliday hanley and longoria combined... I did it this way to see what kind of production i would be getting out of my 3 keepers combined... I thought it would be a good way of seeing which player would give my team a better balance... Im so torn with the decision im doing things like this to help me decide.... I was leaning towards holliday but ellsbury would give me consistent production for more years than holliday... so in a keeper league like this its hard... bc holliday may be better next year... but what about the next 5 years... our league has been increasing the number of keepers to 1 per year... so next year it will bump to 4 keepers... which is another factor to think about...

      • yeah I was kinda thinking the same thing...

    • The two players I am deciding between are Ellsbury Player A and Matt Holliday Player B.... So Ells, HanRam and Longoria or Holliday, HanRam and Longoria?

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      • as much as you hate to say it... "name" plays a lot into keepers... holliday wont make it past the first round in a 4 man keeper league... ells might fall into the second or 3rd even.. plus holliday gets the protection of pujols... dont believe that? ask Tex what arod did for him... and heck as holliday what it did the end of last year...lol...

      • Well in that case I would take Holliday, and I'm a red sox fan. He's back in the NL, probably won't get many SBs batting behind Pujols. But will have more RBIs and much better pitches to see. Ellsbury will probably steal 60+ SBs this year, and may come around a little more with his power. But he is also a little more streaky. I'm gonna say Holliday .315, 35HR, 125RBI, 100R, and 20SBs for 2010, and Ellsbury .300, 15HR, 65 RBI, 100R, and 75 SBs. It's pretty close, I don't think you could go wrong either way.

    • Based on the numbers I'd take A, but age, team, and past numbers are are too important to overlook.

    • I like A, only because the increase in SB. The other numbers are pretty close, player B has a little more power. Also, another factor would be the production of their respective lineups in 2010.

      They produced the stats you listed in 2009, but the conditions of their lineups could have changed for 2010, so that could be a possible factor as well.


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