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  • Robert R Robert R Mar 30, 2010 8:22 PM Flag

    Sandoval or Wieters??

    I'd take Wieters he had a good rookie season the only reason it doesnt seem like it is because people had such high expectations for him.......The kid almost hit .300 and hit 9HR while having to learn a major league pitching staff, now that he's had a year to learn most of the pitchers he won't have to worry about it and he can focus more on is swing.......Panda had a great year last year but honestly how much better can he get, no one expected him to hit 25 HR and in my opinion his ceiling is nowhere near that if Wieters........Wieters will hit in the middle of what could be a very good baltimore lineup and the kid has 30+HR potential if not 40 maybe not for this year but somewhere down the line, and will probably hit over .300!!!

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    • It usually takes more than 3/4 of a season to adjust at C, that's all I am saying. Do I think Wieters will be good? Yes. Better than last year? Yes.

      "maybe not for this year but somewhere down the line" that says it all. they guy asked who you wold pick for the next couple of years. I said Sandoval for 2 years, Wieters forever. Thanks for proving my point.