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  • Duane E Duane E Jan 8, 2010 10:02 PM Flag

    Keeper League Question - Final Keeper

    14 Team, 5x5 roto, keep up to 7 players. Keeping HanRam, Prince, Wieters, Sandoval, CC, and Lester. Need to choose one more out of these players:

    Carlos Lee
    Curtis Granderson
    Robinson Cano

    Who would you choose and why?


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    • I would keep Cano. You would have all infield positions covered and can concentrate on OF and SP/RP in your draft.

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      • This is good stuff. Before my initial post, I was definitely "leaning" Cano b/c I really like the idea of having my infield covered. Not alot of stolen bases but those can be drafted. Granderson always seems to disappoint me as I always expect bigger numbers than he produces. That battng average scares me. It doesn't seem like he'll bat anywhere near the top of the order either. Jeter, NJohnson. Tex, ARod, etc, etc seems to be where that's going to go. Cano probably sticks in his usual spot. I'm sure Yankee fans know more about this situation.

        Lee never got a vote as he's not done but in decline as it seems and his situation in Houston is truly questionable at best.

        One of you mentioned Sandvoal as NOT a keeper at the 1b/3b position. The guy is 23 coming off a .330 year with power. How does that upside not make you excited even at 3b? I've already seen in "expert" mock drafts he's going in 3rd/4th round of 12 man leagues. Not letting this gem go.

        Same goes for Wieters, yes he disappointed but how much did you really expect out of him knowing he was missing the first two months of the season and that he would need a little seasoning to put everything together? If you didn't like what you saw from him in September which was just a small sniff of what he's capable of, then someone is not watching baseball. You have to love that he'll likely DH at times AND bat cleanup this year. Not entirely sure but if that happens, which is likely, ME LIKEY ALOT and for sure is worth keeping that untapped potential.

        Love the responses and talking baseball. If anyone else has comments, I'd love to hear them.


    • Keep Cano. You will have the best infield in your league by far.

      Granderson and Lee don't offer much over what you can get in the draft.

      Wieters is fine to keep as he will be a year-round starter and will produce stats that put him in the top 6 catchers next year. Oh, and not to mention, he has a nice upside :-)


    • Cano. 2B is deep this year, but not that deep.

      BTW. I agree with keeping Wieters. He's already easily a top 10 catcher with tons of room to get even better. Could very well be up there with Joe Mauer by this time next year.

    • Granderson will have a big year in NY. Should go 30/30 with ease.

    • The key phrase is "up to" seven players. Wieters was a "guess" in the tenth round of our well-informed draft. His "potential" carried him FAR above his stats. He was a disappointment. While he may be close to Zeus and/or Piazza on "draft-day leaderboards", he is "high-risk-high-reward" on mine. He was 12th-round-worthy last year, He's 12th-round-worthy this year.

      Wieters is currently an eight-rounder for idiots. Pablo Sandoval is another story.

      If Pablo Sadoval qualifies at Catcher in your league for 2010, HE IS A KEEPER. If he qualifies at 1B/3B only, HE IS NOT.

      Pablo Sandoval is an 10th- + -rounder as a 3B. He's a 9th + -rounder as a 1B.

      As far as Lee, Granderson and Cano are concerned, you might as well bank your stats and take the "position scarcity" with Cano. Outfielders are out there. Stolen bases are out there. Second Basemen aren't.

    • you want an up and coming Catcher take the kidd Colorado just got from K.C he hit 28 homers last yr he could go 40 in Colorado the way that Olivo hits he will take iannettas job b4 spring training is out

    • Granderson will be HUGE!!!!!!! this season in that Stadium

      matter of fact i would keep all three of these sandoval loses Catcher this season i believe wieters didnt life up to the hype
      you will be much better off keeping the 3 that you have
      granderson Lee and Cano

    • Wow? Wieters? You're joking right? You aren't supposed to treat players like stars until they become stars. Wieters is NOT a star, nor should he be kept....

      I'd take both Granderson and Cano. Dumb Wieters. You can snag average C numbers in the mid rounds.

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      • In defense of keeping Wieters, the key in this league is to get the stars BEFORE they become stars. That means if I don't keep Wieters this year, he will be drafted before I get chance to get him back. Everyone knows that this kid will be a STAR. Lee, Granderson, and Cano dont' have the upside of this kid has so I take the risk with one of these guys instead of both. I made that mistake with Lincecum thinking he wasn't going to be this good this soon and traded him away vs keeping him. With catcher being slim pickings for good ones, taking a chance on him is worth it. Thanks for the response.

    • Granderson: he should profile as a 40 HR guy w/ 81 games in Coors East. In that lineup, 100 R/BI should be easily attainable as well.

    • Probably Cano but I think Granderson could have a huge season. Not Lee.


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