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  • TheGeneralLee TheGeneralLee Jan 3, 2010 2:26 PM Flag

    random drafting question

    just to see who u rather draft, gimme one reason why

    Wright Vs. Longoria

    Miggy Cabrera Vs. R. Howard

    Kemp Vs. Braun

    J Santana Vs. Halladay

    Kinsler Vs. Utley

    Happ Vs. Hanson

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    • Longoria...Wright has a new stadium and has altered his swing and doesn't seem to hit hit to RF because of this.

      Miggy less SO than Howard and is more consistent.

      Kemp...he is the new Carlos Beltran.

      Halladay...has better team hitting behind him.

      Hanson...better numbers than Happ last season.

    • longoria-PWR


      Braun / Kemp cant choose

      santana Won't spend the 1st rd pick on Halladay when I can get Johan in 2 or 3

      utley-AVG / better lineup around him

      hanson-future Cy Young winner

    • Wright.....Even with a bad year last year Wright was better. When healthy he's a top 5 player. Longoria is a top 20 at best......

      Howard......If he keeps his BA up then he has Miggy in ever cat. Plus, he's easier to get via draft.......

      Braun......Basically the top 2 OFs in the league. However, Braun has done it for 3 years now. Kemp is just getting good. Why not go with the sure thing?

      Halladay........I've been saying the Santana is better than Halladay for years now. However, his team sucks and he's slowly declining. We'll have to see how Halladay pitches in the NL though......

      Utley......In time Kinsler may win this, but not now. Utley is a top 5 player in baseball. If Kinsler stayed healthy and wasn't so streaky then maybe. But not yet......

      Hanson.......This is a dumb one. Happ isn't anything special. He'll never be an allstar or win 15 games. Hanson is the real deal. He'll be competing for the Cy Young for years to come.

    • I like Wright I think last year was a fluke too many people hurt he tried to do too much. Both are great players.

      Cabrera better avg. fewer HR but same RBI & Runs totals.

      Kemp over Braun just for the added SB, but both fantasy stars can't go wrong with either player on your team.

      Halladay better offense to score runs for him.

      Utley the man just puts up huge numbers across the board

      Hanson has Cy Young candidate written all over him for years to come. Lots of K's as well. Young but pitches like he's a vet.

      Hope this helps but most any of these players are welcome on any fantasy team.

    • Lol. Kemp or Braun?

    • wright over longo. that being said i prob wouldnt touch wright this year. he should get his protection in the lineup back but he plays in a graveyard ballpark. i would be happy with either.

      howard over miggy. miggy cant touch howards 45 bombs 130 rbi and never will. i would much rather have that than a high avg miggy brings.

      braun over kemp. u know exactly what ur getting from braun. top 5 production year after year. kemp is still a little bit too unproven for me to gamble on a top ten pick, but hes still a stud and would love to have him.

      hallady over santana. santana is on the major decline and has been for 4 straight years and now hes starting to get injured.

      utley over kinsler. but its pretty much a toss up. utleys a 5 cat stud but kinsler is a 30 30 man

    • Wright Vs. Longoria=Longoria by a fair margin

      Miggy Cabrera Vs. R. Howard=Miggy

      Kemp Vs. Braun=Braun by a lot

      J Santana Vs. Halladay=Halladay

      Kinsler Vs. Utley=Utley by a lot

      Happ Vs. Hanson=Hanson by more then a few rounds

    • Longoria - Wright's big NL park
      Cabrera - can pick up HRs easier than a weak BA
      Kemp - more balance across categories
      Halladay - gets to face pitchers, Santana's recovering, Mets OF defense
      Utley - park factor, BA superior
      Hanson - pitcher's NL park, decent relief in ATL not PHI

    • Longoria over Wright
      Ryan Howard over Miggy
      Braun over Kemp
      Halladay over Santana
      Hanson over Happ

    • IMO

      Wright Vs. Longoria = Wright B/c i Believe he has more power and thats what i look for. But theres nothing wrong with either.

      Miggy Cabrera Vs. R. Howard = Once again i go by power so i take Howard BUT if your league has a Strike out = Bad go Cabrera

      Kemp Vs. Braun = About the same number only dif is i think Kemp steals more Bases BUT i'd Take Braun i believe him to one of the best players in MLB and im a huge fan

      J Santana Vs. Halladay = This is one of the Easiest ones for me Halladay all day IMO Santana dont get enough run suport IMO.

      Kinsler Vs. Utley = Utley Reason Kinsler Plays atleast 10 games less every year than Utley. He cant stay Heathly.

      Happ Vs. Hanson = Hanson IMO strikeouts .

      These are only my Opinions and if your playing for money i wouldnt go by my choices.


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