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    --- LEAGUE RULES ---

    MANAGER ON VACATION: If a manager knows that they are going to be on vacation, they can email the Commissioner and let him know that they will be gone. A manager can have the Commissioner or another manger manage their team for them while they are on vacation. Just let Commissioner or the other manger know how they want their team managed.

    INACTIVE TEAM: If a team is not managed for 2 consecutive weeks the team is considered to be inactive. The Commissioner will send the team manager an email wanting to know the team status. If the Commissioner does not get a response in 2 days or if the manager does not want to continue in the league, the commissioner will attempt to find a new manager for the team. A team is not considered to be inactive if the manager informs the Commissioner he is on vacation.

    TANKING: If a team doesn't have a starting roster for the day this is consider tanking. This league wants all teams to play until they have a bye for the week. Stay active. The league Commissioner will be looking at team rosters everyday and making sure the team has an active team. If a team tanks during the regular season or playoffs and its obvious the team will be banned from the league. Also if that team is in any of my other leagues the manger will also lose those teams. If a team does tank during the regular season the league will get a replacement team. If a team tanks during the playoffs the league will get a replacement team during the off season.

    --- THE SEASON ---

    After the draft, we will go through the season as normal. Trading is allowed from the draft through the trade deadline. If you think the trade is not fair, let me know. Also, you need to keep in mind that since this is a Keeper, many of the lower teams will try to make deals for the future, but that still benefits their team because they are out of it this year. Also keep in mind that every owner has the right to build his team HIS way. Just because i dont think its a good trade, doesnt mean it isnt. Some of us judge talent differently. It will take 7 votes in favor of a veto to cancel a trade (this means that half of the mangers that are not involved in the trade do not think the trade is fair). Barring collusion, most trades should go through in a solid league. IMO.

    When the season ends, we'll have our champion!

    ---Draft After The Season---
    After you pick your 8 keepers we will have a draft with all the free agents some time after on this forum. I will post the keepers for the teams and you will draft from bottom to top on the way the league finished.

    ---Veto System---
    It will take 6 vetos to make a trade veto and or 50% of the trade once a trade is vetoed the owners will need to re make the deal and or not do it at all

    --- TEAM NAMES ---

    Choose whatever you want for your team name but PLEASE DON'T CHANGE IT once you do. I would like it if everyone would keep the same team name over the years.

    ---Minor League System---
    There will be a minor league draft after we draft our MLB roster. The order will be randomly selected. You can draft any minor league player. The draft will be 2 rounds so 2 prospects for each team. You can trade the rights to your player but you can only have 2 prospects on your team at once so you will need to swap spects and or drop one. If you trade a spect and you dont get one back you will be able to pick up any spect that is still avail to have on your team

    ---Mlb Draft---
    The draft will be 20 rounds long and the order will be selected randomly im not sure how yet but i will find something.

    ALSO, this will be an active league. If you're not active, you'll be replaced. Period!

    The drat is offline and on a league forum there are 20 man rosters and it is h2h

    If you are intrested in joining email me at blazers3rdbasemen3@yahoo.com or YIM me at blazers3rdbasemen3

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