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  • JT JT Nov 13, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    4 Keepers

    I get to keep 4 players out of the following list. Who would you pick? Originally I was going to drop Tulo and Keep Reyes, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks!

    C - Miguel Montero
    1B - Lance Berkman
    2B - Ian Kinsler
    3B - Aramis Ramirez
    SS - Troy Tulowitzki
    OF - Alexei Ramirez
    OF - Carl Crawford
    OF - Andre Ethier
    Util - Miguel Cabrera
    BN - Nick swisher
    BN - Juan Rivera
    DL - Jose Reyes

    SP - Felix Hernandez
    SP - Jorge De La Rosa
    SP - Chris Carpenter
    SP - Ubaldo Jiminez
    SP - Adam Wainwright
    SP - Wandy Rodriguez
    SP - Jake Peavy

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    • kinsler, miggy, tulo, crawford...draft a pitcher

    • And "what that means" is that I will consistently have more success over the years on here because I pay more attention.

      Likewise it enables me to give good advice to people seeking it. Which is why I stand by my original advice in keeping Miggy, Tulo, Crawford and Felix. You have good power in Miggy and Tulo, speed in Crawford, runs in Crawford, a solid ace in Felix, and good average from Miggy. I'd rather have that and take my chances at drafting a decent 2B.

    • Tulo, Kins, Miggy

      and yhen you have a touch choice between Felix and Craw

      Try to figure out who other teams are keeping and then make a choice.

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      • Top 8 2B:
        1) Utley (for sure gonna be kept)
        2) Hill (not so sure if the guy might keep him - but my guess is yes)
        3) Cano (definitely keeper)
        4) Zobrist (could be tricky - depends on the manager)
        5) Roberts (I could actually see him not being as much of a keeper as others)
        6) Kinsler (in this particular league he might, most leagues yes a keeper)
        7) Figgins (probably a keeper)
        8) Pedroia (definitely keeper)

        So the point here is showing that the Top 50 2B will be kept, and with good reason too. If I were to switch Ian Kinsler with anyone on my original list, it would be King Felix - merely based on the premise that pitchers, especially "new" aces (like King Felix), need to show consistency before they truly deserve the label of a keeper. BUT, I do like King Felix a lot, and I think he would be a valuable keeper. Again, this is indeed based on opinion, but still.

        If I may, I would bring the keepers down to a decision between Kinsler and King Felix. That would be my say. Some think Crawford and King Felix, but I feel Kinsler needs to stay healthy for a full-season before I readily trust him. Also I've seen the manager who owned him in my most competitive league get knocked out in the 1st round of the playoffs over the last few years because injuries hit him hard.

      • ight Blake since its a keeper dont u think that those 8 high ranked 2bman would almost all be kept?

    • kinsler, crawford, miggy, king felix

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      • For further consideration:

        1) 2B...Top 200 (13), Top 100 (7), Top 50 (4), Top 25 (2)
        2) SS...Top 200 (14), Top 100 (5), Top 50 (2), Top 25 (2)

        1) 2B...Top 200 (14), Top 100 (6), Top 50 (2), Top 25 (1)
        2) SS...Top 200 (12), Top 100 (6), Top 50 (3), Top 25 (3)

        It seems to me that overall 2B has been a position with more depth over the last three years. The point tally in terms of depth (rank) over the last three years is:

        2B: 151 points
        SS: 144 points

        That indicates that overall SS is thinner, and that the trend over the last three years is that SS is getting thinner and thinner than 2B.

      • Why Kinsler over Tulowitzki? Just out of curiosity. Tulo plays at a thinner position, and both have 30/20 and 30/30 potential, but Tulo bats in a better position, has a better AVG and better OBP which means he'll be more consistent. Not only that but he doesn't have an injury history to worry about.

    • Your Top 10, IMO:

      1) Miggy (despite losing his 3B eligibility, he'll still be an excellent 1B for you)
      2) Troy Tulowitzki (the guy plays at the second thinnest position and puts up 30/20 numbers - THAT is phenomenal)
      3) Carl Crawford (your worries about replacing Reyes with Tulo should be abated with Crawford's speed on your team)
      4) King Felix (your top pitcher IMO)
      5) Adam Wainwright (second top pitcher)
      6) Ian Kinsler
      7) Andre Ethier
      8) Chris Carpenter
      9) Ubaldo Jimenez
      10) Jose Reyes

    • In order, I'd rank your keepers as follows:
      1. Cabrera
      2. King Felix
      3. Tulo (ahead of Crawford due to position & home park)
      4. Crawford
      5. Kinsler
      6. Ramirez (injury history scares me)
      7. Wainwright
      8. Carpernter (injury history scares me)
      9. Jiminez
      10. Reyes (leg injury to speed guy REALLY scares me)


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