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  • Chris B Chris B Nov 1, 2009 10:49 PM Flag

    Trade Utley for Mauer?

    No way. Keep Utley. Mauer is a nice play, but he's a catcher for shits sake. Less AB's and Utley is top shelf 2B.

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    • He does more with those fewer AB than utley does with his. Similar in in HR/RBI/R, but Mauer hits for much better AVG. If Utley's 20 SB compensate for 60 points of AVG for you, then maybe it's keep Utley, but I don't see it.

    • But the thought here is in terms of their respective values. Mauer may be a catcher, but he offers so much value and phenomenal stats from a position that is extremely thin.

      Think about it this way: I traded for Mauer (traded Dan Haren to get Mauer) in the middle of June because my pitching was strong and my hitting sucked (my catcher was Jason Varitek at the time). I was 10/12 in my league. Mauer was my final trade before trading Chone Figgins to get Adam Wainwright. I ended up taking the championship in my league.

      You can't tell me that Mauer made a HUGE contribution to that championship, and I credit Mauer with rescuing my season. Also, what other catcher can put up stats like Mauer? V-Mart is decent but nothing real close to Mauer's consistency. McCann has his eye troubles and is pretty decent. Whereas if you don't get Utley, you could easily pick up someone like Robinson Cano or Aaron Hill or Ian Kinsler that can really replace the stats Utley would bring.

      Personally it is about depth and position value. Catcher is the thinnest position and Mauer is the tip top catcher, by a WIDE margin.

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      • I appreciate all the input guys, thank you

        Still a bit undecided on what to do. The keeper league I'm in probably won't offer anything better than McCann at catcher although I'm thinking I could try and grab Wieters in the early rounds instead. Even if Wieters is a sophomore and it takes time to grow into the catchers gear at the ML-level, I'm sure he'll be a solid keeper for 2011.

        How long do you think Utley will produce the kind of numbers he does? For another 2-3 years?


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