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    Trade Utley for Mauer?

    Standard 5x5 rotisserie keeper league. Would you trade Utley for Mauer? Yes or no?

    They have similar numbers and they're both the most valuable at their position. Mauer is younger but somewhat injury prone...

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    • can you find a c with those #'s, but alot more 2nd b out there

      Go for it it is a fair trade

    • Ended up dealing Utley for Longoria and Lincecum. Deal pending approval by the league manager and other teams as we speak.

      I've got the 8th overall pick coming into the draft this spring and I feel good about my chances of landing good player from that position

    • Been discussing the Utley-Mauer swap for about a week with the other GM and he counteroffered with Longoria and Lincecum for Utley. What do you think of that proposal? That'd leave me with Longoria, Sizemore and Lincecum as keepers. He also owns Teixeira so Im thinking of going back saying Tex and Longoria for Utley instead. Any thoughts? No one racks up k's like Lincecum and I lacked a solid source for that category last year so I'm a bit intrigued with that offer

    • Allow me to refuter you concerns:

      1) Mauer indeed had a career year for power - but that doesn't go without reason. Here are what the statistics say, Mauer saw his ISO go up to .222 this year (as compared to .123 in 2008, and .133 in 2007 and .159 2006). However, his LD%, FB% remained consistent with his career figures (22.5% and 27.5% respectively), whereas his HR/FB jumped from around the usual 6-10% he was at to 20.4%. Now, his BABIP didn't jump ridiculously (.377-2009; .350-2008; .322-2007, which matches the lower BA had that year; and .370-2006), nor did his LD% and FB% rates. So what does this all tell us? Mauer has learned to hit for power! As with many players throughout their careers, they have the ability to hit for power, but do not do so because they are merely "trying to put the ball in play". Mauer, with his swing putting up great BA numbers, and now hitting 3rd in the Minnesota lineup, has learned when he can and should look to "turn" on a pitch, or "drive" a pitch for a home run.

      The numbers clearly indicate that he has learned to hit for power, and we can easily expect him to put up a 25+ home run year, and shouldn't be surprised if he hits more than 30.

      2) Utley is a horse. No one is denying that. But he is coming off a year where he saw career lows in BA, Slugging, OPS, RBI's, and XBH. Granted he still did put up great numbers, but he had that hip injury, which shows he isn't invincible, and he plays in the NL, where there is a lacking of the DH, and he isn't getting any younger. Don't see how this point lends any relevance to your case against Mauer.

      3 and 4) Mauer catches. True. Mauer plays in the AL. Guess what the AL has that the NL doesn't have? The DH. Mauer was "rested" a lot this season by hitting at the DH when he needed a day off. And considering the teams that will be pursuing him the hottest come next off-season will all be AL teams (Twins, Yanks and Red Sox), I wouldn't expect him to really suffer any injuries.

      It may be an injury prone position, but look at a guy like Jorge Posada. He has played as an AL catcher his whole career and had ONE year where he caught less than 130 games (after taking over full-time in 2000): last year, 2008, when he was 37 YEARS OLD. Joe Mauer has had one injury that has cut out significant playing time in his career and is considered well worth the risk all things considered.

      Just some things to think about.

    • You are not taking into account that his "career year" occured at 26. He's entering his prime, with room to grow. Utley is close to the opposite. Yeah, he's been consistent, no one is arguing against that. But he's moving towards his decline years now. I could see using the "career year" argument if Mauer was around 30, but he's too young to think that he doesn't completely have the ability to repeat or even surpass his numbers from this year.

    • Do it, unless you happen to have mccann sitting on your bench. If you have mauer and another secondbaseman who's mediocre, you're going to put up far better numbers than utley and a mediocre catcher.

      While I think you'd be eagerly optimistic to expect 09 Mauer in '10, you're still gonna see a bunch of RBI's, runs, and a huge batting average that even utley can't match. While Utley is in his prime and topped out, Mauer is just hitting the age where players really start to hit their power stride. I don't think Utley can produce much more than he has already shown. Not to mention Mauer was injured for what, at least a month last year? Plus, if mauer gets tired behind the plate, the twins will easily move him to the dh instead of..... um, who's their dh? My point exactly. Injuries shouldn't be of toooo much concern. Plus, Utley is a little older, will hit the injury bug just a little sooner, and is playing a rough (although, admittedly, not as hard as catcher) position.

      I'd do it, as these types of catchers emerge.... well... joe dimaggio? Whereas astounding 2nd baseman are rare, but not unheard of.

    • Mauer is much farther ahead of the next best catcher then Utley is of the next best 2B. So Mauer it is, IMO.

    • No way. Keep Utley. Mauer is a nice play, but he's a catcher for shits sake. Less AB's and Utley is top shelf 2B.

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      • He does more with those fewer AB than utley does with his. Similar in in HR/RBI/R, but Mauer hits for much better AVG. If Utley's 20 SB compensate for 60 points of AVG for you, then maybe it's keep Utley, but I don't see it.

      • But the thought here is in terms of their respective values. Mauer may be a catcher, but he offers so much value and phenomenal stats from a position that is extremely thin.

        Think about it this way: I traded for Mauer (traded Dan Haren to get Mauer) in the middle of June because my pitching was strong and my hitting sucked (my catcher was Jason Varitek at the time). I was 10/12 in my league. Mauer was my final trade before trading Chone Figgins to get Adam Wainwright. I ended up taking the championship in my league.

        You can't tell me that Mauer made a HUGE contribution to that championship, and I credit Mauer with rescuing my season. Also, what other catcher can put up stats like Mauer? V-Mart is decent but nothing real close to Mauer's consistency. McCann has his eye troubles and is pretty decent. Whereas if you don't get Utley, you could easily pick up someone like Robinson Cano or Aaron Hill or Ian Kinsler that can really replace the stats Utley would bring.

        Personally it is about depth and position value. Catcher is the thinnest position and Mauer is the tip top catcher, by a WIDE margin.

    • 100% yes

    • Boy oh boy this is a tough one primarily because you trading the best players at their respective positions.

      Here is how I would look at it. Mauer offers enormous value because he is vastly superior to the other catchers at his position now that he can hit for power. While Utley is the best at his position, he isn't as far ahead of the other 2B like Mauer is ahead of the other catchers.

      With Mauer though comes certain risks in terms of health and injuries. Mauer, because he plays at the most rigorous position, will have the risk of putting up "worse" (if you could call it that) statistics because of lesser playing time and everything that comes with getting injured.

      Also, Utley does play in a vastly superior lineup so he has that advantage. Meaning Utley is the safer bet for good statistics, but if you feel the risk is worth the reward then by all means make this trade. It will give you vastly superior position quality at C.

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