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  • Powerhouse Powerhouse Oct 29, 2009 6:39 PM Flag

    Position Player Depth 2009

    I think Maurer is still your best 1st round pick
    Only 2 C in the top 50
    Play him everyday
    You can always use someone w/mult positions who is hot to fill other positions(Coughlin,Beckham...). I guess what I'm saying is play him everyday and forget about it.and your C position will always outperform your opp. catcher.

    Where did you include Kung Fu Panda C or 3B???

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    • I see your point in taking Mauer in the 1st round. Just for me I think there is a great risk to that. However, he would be exceptionally valuable giving me those kinds of stats at such a thin position.

      I guess if I have a low enough draft position in the first round, taking Mauer would make sense. However, if it comes to Pujols or Mauer, it has to be Pujols ;-)

      Also, Kung Fu Panda won't have C eligibility next year, but I did include him in the statistics. I'll have to alter it on a few. I noticed I included him on some categories, but not others.

      And Coghlan will only have OF eligibility next year (as far as I can tell), as will Beckham (at 3B I think). In light of this I excluded Coghlan from the 2B list, and Beckham from the SS list.

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      • I think your research shows that you have to take Maurer in the first round and as your first pick. Your research shows it's the thinnest of all positions. You mentioned taking Pujols ahead of him and that is the probably the consesus decision. Pujols can be replaced adquately by either Howard,Fielder or Tex.. No one is even close to Maurer at C.

        What do you think??


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